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Users uploading their material offer whatisgood.com: irrevocable, non-exclusive , royalty-free and completely sub-licensable and transferable permission to use, edit, modify, print, interpret, build derivative works with, distribute and view the material in every media medium worldwide.

The user represents being the sole author, owner or controller of all rights to the submitted content. That the provided material is correct, and that all ‘social interests’ of these material have been surrendered willingly.

In addition, the recipient promises not to upload any material that is proven to be fraudulent, unreliable or misleading; to infringe the copyright, patent , trademark, trade secret or other exclusive rights or rights of publicity or privacy of any third party; that could be deemed defamatory, libelous or hateful; any material for which any third party has received redress.

The user agrees to indemnify and hold whichisgood.com harmless on all claims, claims and harms brought against whichisgood.com by a third party arising from the user’s supplied content and materials.


The customer offers to indemnify and leave free whatisgood.com for any lawsuits, lawsuits and damages made against whichisgood.com by a third party resulting from the products and services provided by the consumer.


The website is managed by whichisgood.com. Even so, such disclaimers, terms are regulated by legislation without adding rise to concepts of rule of law. Whichisgood.com retains the free at any time, to make improvements to the website , terms & conditions. The User unconditionally consents to refer sole jurisdiction of courts all lawsuit arising out of the usage or transaction made whichisgood.com relinquishes all to the location of such litigation in courts & promises not to complain or argue in any court lawsuits has been brought in an profit


This website is managed and created by whichisgood.com. As such, these terms & conditions are regulated by legislation without adding rise to the concepts of conflict of law. Whichisgood.com retains the freedom, at any moment, to make improvements to the website and its disclaimers, terms & conditions. The User hereby agrees irrevocably unconditionally submit the jurisdiction of courts any relating to the use or purchase by whichisgood.com waives to the adjudication of such litigation in courts & agre not to plead in courts.


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