Privacy Policy We devoted ourselves to preserving the privacy of our clients. Take the time to study this note, which outlines what we collect information about you, how we use it and your rights. whichisgood is the ope of (“whichisgood”,”site”).

I. Security

1.1   Our aim is to make your buying process safe, efficient and without worries. When leaving the site, we ensure data is encrypted. This procedure requires converting data or information into a code so that unauthorized access is prevented.

1.2   Your sensitive info is secured in transit by a  SSL that completely encodes and prevents all your personal information (name, address , card number) from being read over the Web by anybody. A safe approach guarantees that all credit and debit-card purchases are secured.

1.3  We also obtained a PCI Data Protection Std Levels One enforcement certificate for your protection which guarantees that our consumer data and transactional details are secured under a global body.

1.4  Your sensitive details will be held private and we will not have third-party email addresses other than for our company activity purposes. They have other third party service companies conducting essential business tasks on our behalf, such as: handling credit card purchases, placing orders and shipping products. We have access to personal data essential for executing their tasks, but do not use it for other purposes.

2. Collection & Usage

2.1   Our web servers briefly document technical information of the software used to navigate our websites, such as the type of browser used, the operating system configured and computer settings, while accessing our websites. We also report your IP address and, if you have reached our websites from a smartphone like a cell phone, your computer’s Specific User Identifier. In fact, our Web server gathers other data that your Web client instantly transmits.

This data includes:

  • Name of Internet service provider
  • Address of website which you have visited our site
  • Sub-pages of
  • The dt and length of visit

2.2   We collect your name , contact details and gender if you wish to provide such information when you subscribe to our eNewsletter.

2.3   When you register an account, we monitor your order history, product preference, reviews and any other details that you add to ones profile.

2.4   If you send something via our Enquiry Form, we store your contact information to follow up and address your queries.

2.5   Upon contacting our CS Team, we can document the conversation information to track your request and better meet your needs.

2.6   To register for a personal account, respond to our newsletters and/or put an order with whichisgood, you must be older than 16. This page is not meant for minors, and we are not intentionally gathering sensitive details from minors under 16.

3. Purpose for your data:

3.1   We use your data to encourage you to access our websites and generate anonymous utilization statistics based on the automatically transmitted data (see section 2.1), which helps us to monitor and customize the use of our websites to your needs. Furthermore we collect personal information for all following reasons:

  • To Maintain your account.
  • To respond to any queries to our customer service team.
  • To personalise the site to you and show you content we think you will be most interested in, based on your account information, browsing history.
  • To improve and maintain the site and its usage.
  • For market research
  • To send you marketing mes and advertising, with your consent or permission to do so.
  • For security purposes, to investigate fraud
  • To comply with our legal & regulatory obligations.
  • Where required, we may also use your personal data as per 3rd party

3.2   We rely on the following legal basis, under data protection law, to process your personal data:

  • Since the authentication is required to negotiate a contract with you, or to take action before entering into a contract with you 
  • Since we have received your permission (e.g. if you have approached us with a application, if you apply extra details to your account profile, or where you agree to promoting us).

4. Cookie Policy

In our websites we use cookies and related technology to offer guests convenience and render your online experience more pleasant and customized.

4.1   Cookies are tiny files that are mostly saved in your client directory and are often protected. Cookies enable you to be recognized as a specific customer and to store your personal interests while you use our website and your technical details. The biggest advantage for you is that every time you access our page, you do not need to enter the details found in the cookies. Cookies should not automatically include or divulge sensitive details. Nevertheless, if you enter personal details on our website, the data contained in the cookies might be correlated with it. Many domain owners don’t have links to such files.

4.2 Our platform utilizes Google Analytics. It is a data tracking tool that Google Inc. uses to gather accurate information on internet usage and its origins. We do use Google Analytics for statistical reasons, such as monitoring how many people clicked on a single piece of product details. Google Analytics is focused on cookies and stores details regarding your usage, including your IP address, to our websites. They use proprietary coding to insure that the IP address is registered in a truncated (and thus anonymous) way just to avoid users from being known by their IP addresses. Identifying specific users of the truncated IP address is no longer feasible. The details collected by Google Analytics is sent to the United States-based Google Inc. Under the Privacy Shield, Google is self-certified to have sufficient safeguards under EU legislation for your personal details. Through downloading and installing the plug-in accessible at the following link:, you can avoid the data from being captured and passed to Google Inc .

4.3   Some browsers’ default settings require to recognize cookies. You may fully deactivate the usage of cookies in your browser settings, avoid the placing of such cookies or ask to be alerted if a cookie is put upon request. For more details on these configurations, please refer to your browser’s “Support” section. You can uninstall cookies on your machine, or remove expired cookies. Please notice that if you delete the cookies, certain parts of the websites can not be working correctly. The authentication feature on your company account , for example, is focused on cookies.

5. Storage & Retention of Data

We will retain your personal details for as long as we use it for the reasons set out above, and so based on your experiences with us that time will differ. Of example, once you have made a transaction with us, we must maintain a record of your payment for the time necessary for the purposes of invoicing, taxes and warranty. We will always maintain a contact record with you (for example, whether you have written about a product) for as long as it is appropriate to defend us from a legal lawsuit. If we don’t have to keep the details anymore we will erase it. Please note that we will keep a record of your email address when you unsubscribe from our marketing communications to ensure that we do not do so not send you marketing emails in the future.

6. Your Rights

6.1   You have the following freedoms with relation to your personal data:

  • To connect and collect reports regarding the usage of the database
  • For fixing and/or finishing the knowledge
  • To get the data erased
  • Limit your use of the information
  • To access the data in a compact format
  • To object to the usage of the knowledge
  • To withhold your permission to the usage of your details where approval is the legitimate foundation for authentication such as subscribing to our marketing emails

If you wish to exercise your rights or if you have any questions about the data we hold about you or the use thereof, you can contact us at any time via [email protected] Please note that such personal information may be needed to make a purchase or to take advantage of promotions on our website.

6.2   When you wish the data to be wiped, it would be removed automatically from our network because we are obliged to remain saving it in compliance with the required preservation periods. In these cases, we must make sure the data is not used for certain purposes. We can take appropriate measures to verify your identity before granting access to your personal data or enabling corrections and/or deletion.

6.3   They follow the opt-in / opt-out rules for submitting and collecting updates to industry. Please click on the unsubscribe button in every article if you would like to opt out of collecting emails from us. Please notice that we can also contact you with service updates from time to time ( e.g. order and availability confirmations, and alerts of your legal rights).

6.4   We must satisfy all demands to practice your privileges pursuant to relevant legislation. However, please be aware that there are a number of limitations to those rights, and there may be circumstances in which we can not comply with your request. We would welcome an opportunity to address any concerns you might have but you do have the option to notify the local data privacy supervisory authority.

7. Links to Other Websites

Our websites provide connections to third party managed websites. This Privacy Notice will not extend to certain third parties for the acquisition , transmission and usage of personal data. Please notice that we can not be held responsible for the material of third party websites or for their compliance with data security standards. And we suggest that you follow their recommendations for data security.

8. Amendments to this Policy

We can periodically modify our Privacy Policy. Such updates should be reported such that you can still be informed of what information we gather, how we use it, and under what circumstances we can reveal. When we intend to use your data for different reasons, we must amend our privacy policies and pass on the updates to you before the different processing begins.

9. Contact Details

If you have any further questions about the privacy and security of your info or would like to update or remove your details then please contact us.


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