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How to Get a Flat Stomach in 3 Months

It is possible to lose 12 to 20 pounds, which includes excess belly fat in 3 months. The three-month period is also sufficient to tone the stomach muscles thus, revealing a trim and sculptured tummy. So, how do you achieve all this flat stomach in 3 months? According to Define Health and Fitness, a personal training gym with certified trainers from Brisbane, below are some helpful tips.

Can You Get a Flat Stomach in 3 Months?

The answer is yes. You can get a FLAT stomach in 3 months. Losing belly fat is quite tough, yet it is the ultimate goal for most people. However, this should not discourage you as it is possible to get a flat tummy within three months.

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This period is sufficient to achieve your goal if you are doing things right. Keep in mind that this isn’t about spot reduction. You have to reduce fat percentage from all over your body in order to achieve your abs goal. Although you will not find a magic formula, with the right diet and exercises, you can reach your goal with the numerous ways to get a flat stomach that are out there. But the three keys to success are:

1) Change the way you eat

2) Exercise more often

3) Always be inspired and motivated

What to Eat to Get a Flat Stomach

  1. Keep your calorie in check: You cannot eat anything you feel like and expect to get a flat stomach. It doesn’t work that way. The quickest way to get a flat stomach is cutting down your calorie intake to ensure you expend more than you take.
  1. Eat whole food, stay away from processed junks: Some of the best foods to include in your regimen are fruits, whole grains and vegetables, dairy and lean proteins. Stay away from processed and junk foods since they are full of empty calories.
  1. Choose your snacks wisely: To keep the cravings at bay, go for fresh vegetables or apples as snacks. Also, substitute sugary drinks with water. If you find it hard to drink plain water, infuse it with your favourite fruit for extra flavour.
  1. Learn about planning your meal and portion control: For you to succeed in getting a flat stomach in three months, you will need to lose at least a pound every week. You can achieve this by cutting 250 to 500 calories daily. However, do not go below the minimum amount of calories required every day so as to help you maintain the energy that you need for all your daily activities.

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If you are a woman, ensure you take a minimum of 1,200 calories. 1,400 calories, on the other hand, are sufficient if you are a man. Do not go for long periods without eating or take large portions in one sitting. When you starve yourself and take a large meal to compensate, you train your body to store fat. In addition, ensure to eat a healthy diet to get a flat stomach within three months. There are no shortcuts to success.

Daily Exercises to Get a Flat Stomach

There are many exercises that can help you shed stomach fat. Spending 30 minutes doing aerobics and abs workout is a great start. However, if you have a tight schedule and cannot afford 30 full minutes, try breaking the cardio sessions into smaller segments. This is also a great way to get used to exercising, especially if you have not done so in a while. The reason is that the segments will be easier to tackle.

It is possible to lose at least 1 pound each week when you burn 250 to 500 calories every day with aerobics. These may include taking brisk walks or 60-minute yoga sessions. To increase your number of calories burnt, engage in more vigorous exercises like swimming, jogging or circuit training. These are some of the exercises you will find if you search how to get a flat stomach fast.

However, stay away from exercises that promise to help you spot reduce as they will not be effective. Instead, go for the cardiovascular ones as they will help you lose the most weight even around the stomach. Doing exercises that target the stomach muscles alone like strength training will help you tone the muscles. However, they will not help in getting rid of the excess fat.

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Stay Motivated

The journey to losing weight can be hard, and you might even feel like quitting when you don’t see immediate results. To help you stay motivated, try joining a workout group. There are many such groups especially online where people who have succeeded share their stories to help motivate those in the process. Some of these groups set up challenges for their members. For example, look for a group that is offering a 12-week fitness challenge as this is the period you intend to attain a flat tummy. You do not have to go through this journey alone as there are many people out there who are also struggling with losing stomach fat.

If you follow the above steps, it will be easy for you to lose stomach fat within three months without struggling. However, remember that each body responds differently and if you only manage to see slight changes within this period, you should not give up. Press on, and sooner or later, you will have the tummy of your dreams.

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