How to decide the best hair color for your skin tone?

A Complete Guide to the Best Hair Color

For a large number of people, this can be a real haunting problem. People’s skin tones can be classed into mainly two groups. There are people with cool skin tones and warm skin tones and it depends a lot on the skin tone to choose the best hair color.

A person’s appearance undergoes an enormous transformation with a beautiful hair color that goes completely in sync with his / her skin tone. What happens for some people is that they won’t be too concerned about the shade of the skin when selecting the color of the hair and the presentation will be adversely affected.

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How to pick the right color for your hair?

Good ideas of beauty should still stress the value of hair color, a true representation of your personality. Good fashion designers should evaluate your personality before drawing a decision on the most suitable hair color. Through closely watching your face, body, and attitude, they will get an insight into your personality and great hair color would go in total harmony with all of these things. This is where the importance of consistency advice for selecting the best hair color takes on great importance…

Which is your skin tone? Find out with our complexion Guide

complexion chart

Skin undertone is defined as the tonality that exists under the surface of your skin. There is a great way to identify the overall tonality of the color. And it can usually be identified as warm neutral or cool because this typically doesn’t change and stays pretty consistent over your lifetime.

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Identify undertone of any skin

The best way to identify the undertone of any skin is to look at the inner wrist. because this is the most undisrupted area of the skin.

Cool Undertone: If you’re looking at your veins and you see that it has a bit more of a blue or purple hue you know that your undertone is more of a cool.

Neutral Undertone: If you’re looking at your veins and you see that it has a bit more of a blue or green hue you know that your undertone is more of a Natural.

Warm Undertone: If you see that it has a bit more of a green or olive hue you know that your undertone is more of a Warm.

tip: the benchmarks should fit you rather than you having to fit the benchmarks

How to pick the best color for cool skin tone?

The color of the eyes often plays a significant role in selecting the best hair color for your skin tone. What can you describe the skin tone in the best way possible? If you possess one of these characteristics, you will be listed as an individual with a cool skin tone:

  1. Whether you have hazel, purple, blue or blue-gray olive skin with eye colors
  2. If you have a rosy, olive skin with hazel, purple, blue or blue-gray eye colors
  3. If you are a person with fair or rosy eye colors such as hazel, black, blue or blue-gray skin

How to pick the best color for warm skin tone?

To people with cool skin tones, the most common hair colors are ash blonde, ash brown, and black. Additionally, they may select artificial colors such as orchids, red lipstick, and burgundies. As for these people, it is often best to avoid colors such as gold, bronze, and red tones.

If anyone of these features you have: You will be listed as an individual with a warm skin tone.

  1. If you have dark gray, hazel eyes or gray with fair to medium golden skin
  2. Or with dark skin with deep brown, brown or hazel eye color

Best hair color for matching eye color

Eye color is one of the important natural features because this is really powerful to bring out complementary influences. Typically complimentary influence in this instance is going to be the color opposite. So Not only does the right hair color look beautiful, but it also will make your eyes a highlight.

Types of hair coloring

There are various types of hair coloring methods, including semi-permanent, permanent coloring, and Demi-Permanent. At the selection process, the correct hair color should be provided due consideration to the maintenance factor as some colors need daily maintenance.

Blonde dyes and red paint do not need frequent touch-ups and colors such as brown shades do not need routine maintenance. You’ll have to go with highlights or lowlights if you’re a person with short or layered hair and a dark color would fit better for a person with long hair. When selecting the correct hair color, the most important thing is that it should be in total accordance with the personality and skin tone.

Permanent Hair Coloring: As clearly titled permanent hair colors are exactly colored to keep the hair color for a long period of time. It offers the possibility to change the natural/original hair color. The dyes penetrate into the deep roots of the hair.

Semi-Permanent Hair Dye: Semi-permanent hair color usually absorbed near the hair also it deposits temporarily. so that the hair color will stay only for about 3 to 5 washes depending upon different products.

Demi-permanent hair color: Demi-permanent hair color lie’s in between permanent and semi-permanent hair color. It is oxidative dyes that penetrate the cuticle and surface of the cortex. This color lasts longer than semi-permanent but not as long as permanent hair color.

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Seasonal Hair colors

Best hair color for pale skin

Coloring the hair will make people look more trendy, but what color will make the skin appear whiter?

Shades Recommended: Ash Blonde, Ash Brown, Dark brown, true black, dark chocolate, espresso.

Best Fit For: Pale Skin (Extremely Sensitive Skin, burns easily and tans minimally).


In recent years, Brown is a common color for hair dyeing. The color doesn’t look glamorous, it’s really creative and poetic and it’s also fit for light skin.


The color of linen is a color that makes the skin look fairer. Add a bit of grey to add a sense of fashion. Not only does this color make the skin look transparent but the whole person looks amazing!


The black color makes the skin super white and is very suitable for oriental faces! the Oriental’s exclusive color.

Best hair color for dark skin

If you’ve got dark skin and looking for the perfect hair color that fits you to look gorgeous. Before you decide note that all hair colors are not suited to all skin tones. Take a look at the above guide to determine your skin color and matching it to the correct shade of hair.

Shades Recommended: Honey Brown, Warm Hazelnut, Jet Black, Copper-Gold & Coral Red

Best Fit For: Dark Skin (Resistant Skin, rarely burns and tans well).

Honey Brown:

We should say brown has been a common color for hair-dyeing. Honey brown doesn’t look glamorous, but it’s really poetic and fits the dark skin as well.

Adverse Effect On Hair Coloring

Hair and beauty products with the nutrients you need to make your hair and skin look safe and beautiful while products with excessive chemicals can cause harm. Don’t go for cheap goods. This doesn’t mean that the costly items are of high quality. Until buying beauty and hair care products, do a detailed study. Using them to make you lovelier. With your heads raised high, walk confidently and with confidence.

Coloring hair requires the use of chemicals which can be removed, substituted, and/or covered up Pigments found inside the hair shaft, obviously. The use of certain chemicals can lead to a variety of Adverse effects include acute inflammation of the skin and allergy, hair loss, skin discoloration, And surprising changes in hair color. There is still considerable discussion about the more serious health consequences of hair color Usage for the toxicity of lead.

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