How to apply foundation complete Guide for Beginners

Selecting & Using The Perfect Foundation For Your Face

Foundation is the secret key to a star look, also it sets a blank canvas on your face that makes it visible to other make-up components. Also, Foundation is an important and indispensable step in makeup. To draw a “perfect nude makeup“, Foundation is the key. In today’s guide Let’s see how to apply foundation for beginners?

Makeup Foundations for Various Skin Types

There are 2 types of problems that need to be fixed before purchasing a brand-new makeup base.

1. The base of the makeup must suit your skin tone.

Oily skin: An oil-free formula will impede the production of excess oil for oily skin that is shiny, and additional powder particles will dry out any oil produced.

Typical skin: normal skin will take any kind of oil, but a liquid can provide adequate protection without a cakey or heavy look.

Dry skin: includes the foundation of makeup and additional moisturizers to keep it stable and to prevent extracting the makeup from the face. A cream producing solution lasts longer and hydrates as well.

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2. Makeup Foundation Colors

The best time to pick a color for your skin is when your skin is a natural shade. It is not recommended after your holidays or early morning after self-tanning applications.

Make-up foundation color essentially falls below 2 classifications:

– Light-toned platform bases

– Bases of black or brunette tones
Asian and sallow skin are the most typical pale-toned skin types, while reasonable skin usually has pink tones. Picking a makeup formula that suits the base of your skin is really essential, otherwise, the product won’t blend well, no matter how you use it.

Let’s See Some Tips On How to Apply Foundation for Beginners?


With your fingers

Many beginners just touch makeup while applying makeup, so they apply the foundation using their fingers.

Convenience is the advantage of using fingers and it’s easy to push, and makeup is really thin.

There are a few key points for using your fingers to apply the foundation:

  1. Wash your hands to keep your hands clean before applying makeup.
  2. Take in just a small amount. Don’t squeeze too much at once, because there’s no way to cope with the excess base if you squeeze too many at one time.
  3. It will look very heavy & cakey if you apply too much to your face, so be careful to take only a small amount.
  4. Pinch it first with the back of your hand, then use your fingertips to add the base to your forehead, then move it gently with your thumbs.

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Use sponge to blow (egg sponge)

The benefit of using the sponge tool is that it is better suited to damaged skin and has a positive impact on makeup. Sponge eggs are best for beginners and simpler to use.

There are also a few points before using a sponge:

  1. Keep Hands and sponge tools clean.
  2. Use fingers to apply the foundation, and then use a sponge to push the base away.
  3. Sharp places can be modified with details such as eyes and nose.

Some Tips of using sponge eggs:

  1. Sponge eggs must be moist. Remember to squeeze the water after immersing it in water.
  2. Slightly damp sponge eggs help make the base more flexible.
  3. Gently tap the base of the face with a sponge egg.
  4. The smaller area of ​​the sponge egg can be used for detailing.

Real Techniques Makeup Sponge


Use a foundation brush

The base brushes are a bit hard to master for beginners and the base brushes are suitable for girls with good skin but not for girls with many flaws.

Commonly, the base brushes are divided into round base brushes and flat base brushes. The heads of the brush are different, and the way that makeup is applied is also different.

Various points of use of foundation brush:

  1. Clean hands and Brush before use.
  2. The technique of flathead foundation brush makeup: squeeze the foundation liquid on the back of the hand, then use the foundation brush to dip the foundation liquid, draw a little more foundation on the face and then use the base brush to push.
  3. The makeup method of the round head base brush: apply the liquid base to the face with the fingers and then use the base brush to push the base circularly.

BESTOPE Makeup Brush Set

Sun protection + concealer = perfect base makeup

Tips Before Using makeup foundation

Oily skin: applying oil-free solutions with oily skin needs to be quick, as they dry fast.

Typical skin: The cream-to-powder liquid or powder makeup foundation option will eat for normal skin most of the time. If used with a brush, the liquid foundations seem more natural.

Dry skin: cream makeup base travels around the face well for dry skin and a little goes a long way. Dry skin appears to have a lot of acne, so concentrate on defensive areas and leave clear spots bare: that’s why it’s important to get the right color match.


No matter which makeup method is used, it is not recommended that the base is vigorously pushed. Girls with defective skin, it is not advised to add a significant amount of base to cover faults, it is advised to use corrective products to mask faults.

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