Doing Your Own Makeup Before Photoshoot

A few simple steps can make all the difference between a picture-perfect Makeup Before photoshoot or a waste of time and a general disaster. After you get the perfect location and outfit taken care of, make sure you follow these makeup tips. to prepare your face for the perfect photo op.

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Hydrate the Skin, But Not Too Much

Hydrated skin is the foundation for a perfect look. Use a lightweight moisturizer that does not include SPF so that the skin will look fresh. It is important to hydrate the skin, it is also important to avoid making the skin look shiny or reflective. Make sure that the skin has a matte, flat appearance; use primers or mattifiers to absorb oils if your skin is especially oily. Skip The Glitter

Keeping along with the avoidance of reflection, do not place any glitter or shimmering makeup products, on the face before a photoshoot. Doing so may result in the face appearing shiny.

Try a lumination product in the corner of the eyes and top of cheekbones for a subtle look that provides a highlighting effect. Accentuate the Eyes

Use at least two coats of mascara on the eyes, or apply false eyelashes. Apply eyeliner on the top of lashes and on the bottom to make the eyes stand out. You can also opt to just define the bottom lashes with a medium tone eyeshadow. Use a medium toned shadow to contour the eye socket crease and blend it with a soft eye shadow brush. Even the Skin

Use a potent foundation along with concealer and powder to even out the skin. Cover any blemishes and dark circles. Opt for a more sheer foundation if the skin is naturally even. but look for fuller coverage foundation if the skin is not.

Make the Skin PopAdd more lip color, contouring, and blush than you typically do so that the camera can capture it. Always be ready to reapply these products during the shoot to keep makeup vivid. It is also important to bring blotting papers and translucent powder to remove any shine that may appear over time. And apply a light setting spray to prevent the skin from looking dry, thick and bland while being made up.

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