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Bikini Body Workouts Guide to Achieve Your Dream Body

Whether you’re preparing for an island vacation getaway or reaching a weight loss goal, it’s really rewarding when you can finally achieve that perfect bikini body with the below bikini body workouts guide . Many people believe that in order to get a gorgeous body, you have to go the gym for hours every day and maintain a workout and diet plan that’s akin to what bodybuilders try.

To be honest, it’s possible to do an easy bikini body workout at home. If you do go to the gym, you can fit in a quick 20 minute workout and continue on with your day. The perfect bikini body isn’t far out of reach at all. After you get started and build momentum, you can achieve fast results and experience the joys of reaching a fitness goal.

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If you find yourself feeling overwhelmed by the concept of losing weight and are concerned whether or not you can do it, try a few of these tactics and push through. You can get that body into shape and show off that hot perfect bikini body with a little determination and these tips.


Home bikini body workouts guide

If you’re looking to get an easy bikini body workout at home, try the following workouts:

  • Step Aerobics

Step Aerobics is a great workout to get the heart rate up and melt those pounds away. In order to adequately complete this workout, you will need a step and risers. If you like to listen to music and do your own thing, create a twenty five minute playlist of some of your favorite songs. Pump the music through the speakers and begin stepping on the step. When you’re first starting out, the step will probably a sufficient exercise on its own. After the first few workouts, begin inserting the risers to heighten the step. This height increase will challenge the body and help you avoid the dreaded plateau. The faster you’re able to push past a plateau, the sooner you’ll be able to get ready for your bikini shopping spree.

  • Dance Aerobics

Dance Aerobics is tons of fun to do if you love dancing. There are many different styles of dance aerobics on the market. There are dance workouts with inspiration drawn from Latin dance, hip hop, and modern. In order to enjoy the workout from the comfort of your home, consider purchasing a dance aerobic workout DVD. This way, you can dance up a sweat in your living room.

  • Free Weights & Kettlebells

If you’re looking to create a simple 7 day bikini workout, make sure to include weights into the workout. If you work hard enough, you’ll be able to see small changes within 7 days of exercise with weights. Kettlebells and free weights are awesome for helping to melt the pounds away. Because of the power of weights, the act forces the body to burn calories long after the workout is over. There are lots of strength training demonstrations and videos on sites like YouTube. Before long, you’ll be able to craft a perfect free weight workout for your body.


Gym Workouts

  • Elliptical Machine

The elliptical machine is one of the easiest tools to use in the gym. It’s also great for people who prefer to avoid the hard impact of the treadmill. The elliptical machine is also amazing for the joints. In order to get ready for your bikini, try HIIT workouts on the elliptical. HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training. Spend five minutes at a beginner level, such as five. For two minutes, set the speed to 12. After two minutes, set the speed back down to six. another two minutes set the speed up to 13. After making this change for twenty minutes, the body will be dripping in sweat. This is an effective way to do a quick 20 minute workout and get fast results in the process.

  • Weightlifting

Even though free weights and kettlebells are excellent for working out, nothing beats a good ole’ fashioned heavy weight lifting session. Whether it’s the dumbbells, leg press or the squat machines, these machines are really great for beginners because of the guided assistance. They’re also excellent for working the large muscles at one time.

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Watch What You Eat

Even though working out is a very important component to losing weight, weight loss is also achieved through diet. Many researchers state 80% of weight loss is the diet. Knowing this, it is important to implement lifestyle changes, especially in the area of diet. Don’t simply go on a diet for a few weeks to lose a couple pounds. Change your eating and incorporate lots of water. Eat more healthy fruits, nuts, grains and vegetables. Once this is done, you’ll be able to see more weight fall off on a consistent basis.

A bikini body challenge is a fun route to take in order to change your mindset toward your health and fitness goals. Maintaining a bikini body all year round is good for your appearance, but it’s even better for your health.

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