10 Best Shampoo to Prevent Lice in 2020 A Complete Guide

Use the best lice shampoos for the treatment

As a parent, it is truly heartbreaking to listen to your child constantly complain of itching on their scalp or watch them literally scratch their hair off. And to be honest, kids are not the only ones with that problem, Adults get them too. Maybe even you so in today’s guide, we will see the best Shampoo to Prevent Lice.

You may already suspect lice and you are worried about how to completely eliminate it without the chance of it ever coming back. You have probably tried a lot of products before without much luck. Do not worry, we understand how you feel. Here are some of the best shampoo products to prevent lice and stop it from coming back.

What Are Head Lice?

Head lice are called very tiny insects that live on the scalp and feed on human being blood. And it is a common problem for all, especially children and lice spread easily so they can be often found on the neck & behind ears.

How We identify Lice?

Type Of lice

Eggs, Ref Fig-1: Nits are very hard to see and attached to the hair shaft. Usually, take about 1 week to hatch.

Nymph, Ref Fig-2: A nymph is called as baby lice that have grown from the nit. Usually, it may take around 1-2 weeks for baby lice to mature into an adult.

Adult lice, Ref Fig-3: An adult louse is really big compared to a sesame seed, with 6legs, and white in color. An adult louse may survive up to 1 month on a person’s head.

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How Shampoo Helps to keep lice away from hair?

While Choosing the Best Shampoo to Prevent Lice make sure your chosen product is made of the following lice repellent ingredients. Such as rosemary extract,Geranium Oil, peppermint, Citronella, tea tree, Permethrin. and keratin. Also, it is safe to use an all-natural, chemical-free, Parabhen Free, gluten-free, vegan lnatural ingredients that are really efficient in lice repellents.

Prevent your child from getting lice?

A first and important step is to avoid using shared clothing or personal things, secondly always being hygienic and make sure to wash all your child’s clothes in hot water before using it.


Fairy Tales Rosemary Repel Lice Shampoo


Like they say, it’s better to stop a problem before it starts rather than after. Lice prevention just got easier with Fairy tales Rosemary repel lice shampoo. This shampoo is prepared with natural ingredients that are efficient lice repellents. Natural Ingredients like Tea tree oil, Rosemary, Geranium Oil, and Citronella to name a few are the main constituents of this shampoo. These natural ingredients make this shampoo safe for everyday use on the sensitive scalp of kids.

Fairy tales shampoo is free of harmful chemicals that might be harsh on the scalp. This shampoo is very effective for preventing lice, it is clinically tested to provide protection against those unwanted bugs without using harmful ingredients. We love the natural smell of the shampoo, it’s not too sharp and olfactory stimulating but mild and pleasant.


Nix Lice Killing Creme Rinse Family Pack


Treating lice has become a nightmare for many people, they just keep coming back! Fortunately, NIX has come with this game-changing product to deal with this problem. Little wonder we regard them as one of the best shampoo brands out there for preventing lice. NIX shampoo is devastating to lice mainly because of one of its chief ingredientsPermethrin.

What about super lice? No problem at all. NIX shampoo is excellent in killing super lice and their eggs. This NIX lice killing shampoo can be used as a treatment to eradicate present lice infestation and protect your scalp from future infestation for up to 14days. NIX lice treatment carries out this infestation prevention in three important steps. First, it treats the hair, then it gets rid of the eggs and nits using the comb, and finally works to prevent further infestation.

We love how effective this treatment is in eradicating lice and the fact that it can also be used on children about 5 months old.

Nix Permethrin is a product we recommend for lice prevention and early-stage treatment, it works well in getting rid of nit glues in hair after lice treatment. This product is your best choice in case of suspected lice infection if your aim is keeping your hair clean, healthy, and free from reinfection after lice treatment then nix permethrin is your ideal choice. We recommend this for you because we know it works. Nix is toxic-free, a good choice for multiple-use in keeping lice infection on a regular check. This carefully formulated product is carefully tested and reviewed and we assure you it works and it will work for you.


Lice Treatment Kit by Lice Clinics-Guaranteed to Cure Lice


A lot of us know how important our hair is to us, but just fail to do the right thing most times. We want our hair to look beautiful and shiny and all-round healthy. Lice are a major hindrance to this, they can spread quickly by laying eggs in the hair and this can cause serious inconvenience. Luckily, this lice treatment kit is fully equipped to combat and kill lice thereby relieving you of all the inconvenience.

This product is safe for young children and free from harsh chemicals that may cause a rash. This shampoo is clinically tested to be very effective against super lice infestation. It comes with a complete treatment kit that consists of a gel applicator that’s easy to use, a metal comb for combing lice and nit, as well as of gel.

This lice removal kit is super easy to use and gentle on the child without compromising potency. We love how sanitary compliant the gel is, it sticks perfectly to the hair and doesn’t drip and create a mess.

cure! is the first and number one on our best value list, it is not only known for its effective treatment but also a number one choice for many who delights in all-inclusive products. This product does not only come with a good price but also with an added comb, an applicator, and a styling liquid gel for a professional touch after treatment. It is most requested because it cuts off all other expenses.

What We Like :

  • clinically developed, tested and proven
  • non-toxic
  • gentle on skin


Schooltime Shampoo


In a situation your adorable child was sent home from school because of lice, you probably would want to totally destroy those lice the best way you can while being gentle on the child. How can you achieve this? There is a simple solution; Schooltime shampoo.

This product is perfect for toddlers with lice, it is free of chemicals and gentle on the toddler. This lice eliminating formula is a welcome alternative to other strong scented products. The product is scent-free and pesticide-free so you don’t have to worry about the fragrance literally choking the life out of your child. This product was tested and found to be truly Hypoallergenic and safe for little ones. It is easy to apply and doesn’t require any other product to function in removing lice.

This shampoo can be used as a combing lotion, it dissolves nit glue and makes the action of combing easier and smoother.

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This product top the test listing for lice treatment, it is proven to be 100% effective in removing resistant strains of lice and nits. Schooltime shampoo has long been the safest lice treatment formula on the market, highly recommendable for children because it is one of the few products of its kind free from silicon, harsh enzyme, and fragrant content, most lice treatment formulas contain a high amount of pesticide which can cause health issues in infants this product is the one product without it. It is tested to be naturally safe and gentle to skin and eyes.

Schooltime shampoo also softens and dissolves the nit glue in the hair for easy nit removal during final rinsing or nit combing. It is effective against lice, a multiple-use formula, easy to use and easy to apply.


RID Lice Treatment Complete Kit


Have lice ever gotten you worried? Does it keep coming back? Have you searched for a solution to no avail?  If your answer to the above questions is yes, then you may want to try out the RID lice treatment complete kit. This product has passed the test of time, as it has been the choice of many homes for about 10 years now. It offers a strong defense against lice infestation.

The RID lice treatment is used to eradicate lice in 4 important steps; first, treat the hair with the lice eliminating shampoo, then spray the hair with RID lice and egg spray for combing and proceed to combing the hair thoroughly to remove lice and eggs. Lastly, spray the non-washable affected objects like furniture.

RID home lice, dust mite and bed bug spray are not for human use, do not apply on the hair. It kills lice and stops it from spreading on furniture, mattress, clothing, car interior, and other objects and corners of the house.

This product is suitable for use by adults and for children above 2 years.


Babo Botanicals


You no longer have to worry about letting your child go for that awesome school camp for fear they might encounter lice. All you need is Babo repellent shampoo. With its ability to repel and protect against lice, your kids and other members of your family have a better fighting chance against these bugs that don’t seem to go away without a fight.

This product is proven to be 95% effective against lice. It is best used with a repellent conditioning spray to achieve optimum results against lice. It also is made with rosemary & Gentle botanical. These are natural ingredients that not only repel lice but also gives your hair an amazing feel so it is safe to use it every day.


Lice Shield Shampoo and Conditioner in 1


You no longer have to worry about lice affecting the whole family. You can now protect the people closest to your heart from these harmful bugs by using this amazing product. Lice shield protects you and your family members against lice using a mixture of essential oils like cedar, citronella, lemongrass, rosemary, geraniol. It is easy on your child’s hair and safe to use for the whole family.

As one of the most effective shampoo brands for lice prevention, you can certainly do well with this one. When your child has lice, it is important to protect the rest of the family. Use Lice Shield Shampoo and Conditioner-in-1 to protect the family by repelling lice while conditioning and cleansing.

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SoCozy Boo! Lice Scaring Shampoo


Nobody wants lice, absolutely nobody. Most of us have been in a position where we once had lice scare. Well, with this new product we can tip the scale in our favor. These lice scaring shampoo is formulated with a mixture of essential oils that function to keep lice out of our hair. In addition, this product has a very fresh and invigorating scent giving your hair the refreshing smell and look of an expert salon job.

With over 20years of experience under its belt, SoCozy has produced a product that is gentle on your kid’s hair but harsh on lice. With main ingredients like Rosemary extract, peppermint and tea tree, and keratin, these lice scare shampoo is guaranteed to free you from that recurring lice infestation.

This product is also non-toxic and is free from parabens, formaldehyde, phthalates, sulphates, and so many more unwanted ingredients.


LiceLogic Head Lice Shampoo


Moms around the world can now smile knowing that the problem of lice on their children’s hair is about to be old news. This product is tested and trusted by qualified paediatricians as it is highly recommended for children over the age of two. This product is nontoxic and is free from all the ingredients that would make it so. You won’t find substances like pesticides, parabens, and sulphates. This plant-based lice killer contains powerful blends of enzymes that are lethal to lice on impact.

It is an eco-friendly product and was formulated and produced with the safety of your family and environment in mind. It should be used daily until the infestation is eliminated and for a short period after that to ensure it stays that way.


NIX Ultra Shampoo Lice Treatment


Super lice can no longer pose a threat with this new NIX ultra shampoo lice treatment that effectively kills lice and super lice. In addition to killing super lice, this product also cleanses the hair effectively. Several reviews attest to the fact that no additional shampoo was required to achieve clean hair.

Many other shampoo products out there are formulated with harmful ingredients, not this one. It is free from toxic ingredients such as parabens, colorants, phthalates, dyes, etc. Instead, it is packed with ingredients like Mineral oil, lauretha 4, propylene glycol, Mipa lauretha and so many more

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