10 Best Permanent Black Hair Dyes in 2020 for women

We will always be a fan of different hair colours, and Most find black to be the world’s most elegant colour. A hard to avoid dye, black dye for hair is a good choice and matches a variety of skin and hairstyles. Whether permanent or semi-permanent, black hair requires regular maintenance, careful treatment after dyeing, and proper root management.

Black hair dye considered to be one of the boldest hair colors, also the ultimate signature style of women. No matter what the skin color, black looks amazing on everyone with its subtle hints of cool tones.

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How Do We Categorize black dye for hair?

In earlier times the look of women’s youth and feminine nature was to keep hair as black as night. Whereas nowadays, coloring hair with trendy and non-conventional colors has turned into a brand new look. However, We cab Categorize Hair Dyeing into two, 1. Natural Hair Dye & 2. Regular Hair Dye.

1. Natural Hair Dye

With Natural Hair Dyes, How to Color Your Hair at Home. With ingredients, you might already have at home. When you are looking for Natural ways to color your hair consider the following natural hair dyes.

1. Amla & Water

To dye your hair with Amla & Water:

  1. 100 Gms of amla & put in a deep pan.
  2. On flame, until heated and put dry amla.
  3. Roast the amla in low flame until black in colour.
  4. Glass water & High flame.
  5. Boil for 8 mts in the flame.
  6. Keep flame less till cools.
  7. The amla turns good and soft, make in to paste form.
2. Henna

To use henna to dye your hair:

  1. Mix 1/2 henna & 1/4 water.
  2. Stir the mixture until it’s completely Mixed.
  3. Cover the mixture with any wrap, and wait for 12 hours.
  4. Wash the hair without conditioning it.
  5. Coconut oil apply on your hairline.
  6. Apply the paste mixture to small sections.
  7. Wrap your hair in plastic and let the color develop at least 2 hours.

2. Regular Hair Dye

With the help of our today’s guide, you’ll be wearing bold black strands in no time, with the aid of one of our 10 best picks on black dye for hair.

Things to Consider Before Hair Dye

  •  How Coloring Can Damage Your Hair? Major changes can seriously damage the hair and most colorists tend to do it in increments, leaving hair to heal between sessions for a few weeks. So if you’re planning a big change, make sure what you’re in for. It’s also a great idea, for that reason, to see a professional if you’re searching to do something big.
  • Choose Hair Color Holding your skin tones and natural colour in mind – keep in mind that certain colors will look different on different skin tones. decide on the color you feel it look realistic on you. 
  • Make Sure to Condition Your Hair –When you’ve discovered the right hair color for you, not ever forget to condition. because permanent hair dyes bleach your hair’s current color, and then applying the color you want.
  • How Allergic is Hair Color–  Haircolor includes ingredients that can cause allergic reactions or other reactivity. An allergy check on the skin is needed 48 hours before haircolor is used. air color shades are not recommended to use on relaxed hair;  wait for blanching or perming at least 14 days before colouring.
  • How can I keep my hair color from fading? The Best way to avoid fading is to use the best shampoo and conditioner.

Shall we see the complete list of regular Permanent black dye for hair ?


L’Oreal Paris Fade-Defying + Permanent Hair


It makes hair look brighter, and this product is so good to make it look deep black for weeks

L’Oreal Paris Superior Choice Fade-Defying + Shine Permanent Hair Color is Look no further for stunning, fade-defying hair color with dimension. They combine their gel hair dye formula with Shine Serum Care Supreme Conditioner to help preserve vibrancy in the color as well as provide silk & shine.


Dark and Lovely Fade Resist


This choice by Dark & Lovely is one of the very best for natural or relaxed hairstyles.

Designed to help preserve relaxed & natural hair when colouring, this conditioner is filled with three fruit oils and olive to provide good nutrients from root to the tip of the hair.


Garnier Nutrisse Ultra Coverage Hair Color


Nutrisse Ultra Coverage is for soft, silky, and nourished hair and infused with avocado, olive, and shea oils. P promises to give you the strongest and also most beautiful black hair with a silky and shiny look. Nutrisse Ultra is formulated using a Cover Plus Technology which helps to provide 100% coverage. It also includes a conditioner.


Revlon Root Erase Permanent Hair Color


Having a further 3 parts is ample. Just used it once but just a little went a long way, it’s not smelly and you just just felt the smell a little when you wash your hair afterwards. According to the directions “leave in another 5 minutes for greys.” Should not use full shampoo / conditioner using balance simply by applying the conditioner without using it.


Naturtint Permanent Hair Color


Naturtint Permanent Hair Color stays true, doesn’t fade or turn brassy, infused with plant & seed oils , contains all you need to paint, nourish and secure your hair and scalp in one comprehensive procedure.

Natural-looking, gentle, and effective! Dermatologist checked to make sure the hair and scalp are gentle, Naturtint provide deep hydration and softness with good results. Naturtint is organic, and free from cruelty!


Garnier Nourishing Hair Color Creme


The Overall coverage was great and you will love it! You will not be returning to the salon for coloring treatments because this product delivered a better result than your salon treatment. Usually salon dyeing look very dull and felt as if it been chemically stripped of its moisture and shine. This product is awesome and highly recommended!!


Clairol Nice ‘n Easy Perfect 


Rich color that lasts, the color and coverage are perfect. Many people don’t even realize that you colored your hair. The Best part it only take 10 MINUTES and it cover just like those that take 30 minutes, 45 minutes or even 1 HOUR. leaving it on longer will not help. if you have a lot of gray leave it on an additional 10 minutes.

The Perfect10 high speed, high gloss hair color.


Schwarzkopf Color Dye


Schwartzkopf Dye darkened very evenly and to the exact color as described in the catalog. This has been the very truest to color dye.

The Dye Keeps hair look and feels very strong also hair was less broken vs untreated once, and of course, color was intensity durable! Experience our enhanced coloration.


Garnier Olia Hair Color


This Hair color with no ammonia so the chemical smell isn’t as much as a nuisance as other dyes. Great alternative to going to a salon to having your hair dyed.

Garnier Olia Hair Color uses an exclusive 60% oil blend with natural flower oils to achieve brilliant, radiant color results.


L’Oreal Paris Excellence Creme


Rich color! Soft Black is PERFECT dark color. This is around 95% soft black, and 5% dark brown. Just a touch of dark brown enough to take the gloss off the black.

What a perfect and totally beautiful colour! This also covers grey very well and with all the little curl attachment it is really simple and fast to apply.

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