which tinted moisturizer ranking first?3 best tinted moisturizer

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By Monica

which tinted moisturizer ranking first?Let's see the 3 best tinted moisturizer !


Unlisted Brand Skin79 Super+ BB Cream Gold Label

Review by labelslut: This is very moisturizing but mattifying at the same time. It is a medium light color but I think it would work on a range of very light to medium skin color. It covers well and looks amazing. I do not know about if there is any skin care in it though.

Review by kitten75: This is a good colour match for my fair skin tone, has nice coverage, minimizes the look of my pores without being too heavy, and has good staying power. I like the way my skin feels when I use it regularly, its nice and moisturizing and it appears to keep my spotty chin under control. I like the packaging, it has never leaked by accident and I am forever throwing it into bags and purses, it keeps the air out keeping it nice and hygienic which is good because this product really lasts. I think you would really need to cram it in somewhere to set off the pump and even then it would need to keep pumping to cause a huge mess and as I have said that has never happened even once. Only issue with packaging is that it is impossible to tell how much is left as you cant see inside so you could easily get caught out one morning with an empty bottle.

Review by spitfireseven: While i dislike its packaging (no cap to cover the nozzle and tooooo fat to bring out), i am extremely happy with its effect. In fact i threw out all my foundations and been using this happily for nearly half a year. the colour is perfect for me and it is neither too greyish or too light. It has good amount of sunscreen and has great moisturizers that plumps my skin. I break out with nearly every brand of foundation, but this one, non. I can use its pink or gold one as i like, depending on my mood, but both are really good. I have reviewed on many different foundations, but this korean babe is extremely good. Not oily tho it feels so and it stays longer and matte on my face vs other (all) foundations.

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Wet 'n' Wild Ultimate Sheer Tinted Moisturizer - Buff

Review by scrapdoll: for ref...
oily skin
acne prone
the TM is perfect when applied with your fingers:) It is a light coverage but I use this than cover blemishes with sturio finish and set everything with nyc pressed powder and its a very nice light face:)

Review by runtagua: For the price, this is awesome. It applies well and gives me a glow, and i have combo skin. No breakouts and the coverage is actually medium and buildable. The only thing is, it starts squirting out of the packaging once you get to a certain point.

Review by cweiss: This is a terrific buy that easily beats Laura Mercier's TM for color match and general glowiness. Hasn't broken out my acne-prone skin during 5+ months of use, matches my (Asian) fair-medium skin tone beautifully, doesn't oxidize and blends smoothly if a bit thickly (agreed that this is more a light foundation than a tinted moisturizer - putting on moisturizer first will help with blending). Buff matches me perfectly. Before you spend try this first.

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Stila NEW Stila Sheer Color Oil-Free SPF20

Review by London84: Never much of a Stila fan, I needed a new tinted moisturizer and decided to try theirs based on hearing good things. Glad I did b/c I do like it. Smooth and creamy, blends into skin well, leaves a natural finish.

Review by YolandaMC: I really loved the original version of this tinted moisturizer, and have used it for years, however I really love the new formula too! This formula is less oily in texture, and provides a little more coverage, but it has an excellent texture that just glides and blends very easily over skin. Lasts all day, and gives the skin the same beautiful glow the previous formula did. I am also using the shade Tone, and had originally tried Light, but it was slightly too light. I used Tone in the old version, but the shades do seem to run a little darker. Love the new packaging for sure, but I wish Stila had kept the non oil-free version in their lineup, since I love that one too!

Review by minnielouse: I got this product a few months ago and was super underwhelmed. It seemed too sheer, just kind of a useless product. But the other day when my skin felt a little dry, I reached for this and was pleasantly surprised! I realized that the trick to getting this to look good was in the application. Before, I treated it like other tinted moisturizers and sheer foundations that dry very quickly and have more coverage than this product. I would apply a very thin layer and blend very quickly. However, these work the best when applied in a completely different way. Now, I apply a thicker layer and blend more slowly with my fingers. The finish this gives is AMAZING! It feels soo amazing on the skin as well, very creamy but still light and fresh feeling. The coverage is light, but can be improved with a powder. I use MAC Msfn and it looks super gorgeous and natural.

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