which stick foundation is the best?3 best stick foundation

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By Tifanny

which stick foundation is the best?Let's see the 3 best stick foundation !


Kryolan TV Paint Stick

Review by miss_mac: I have a love hate relationship with this foundation. It makes my skin look totally flawless when I apply it and if I just put on the tiniest amount with a foundation brush, it will cover my whole face and look great. The first week of using the TV paint stick I loved it, but then I noticed that I was getting big pimples all over my T zone and they are taking a really long time to go away. No other foundation has made me break out like this (normally I have dry/normal skin) and because the sticks are so greasy you need to set it with some good, oil absorbing powder, otherwise you will look like a shiny mess a few hours after applying it. The colour choice is amazing though, and it gives such great coverage and is so easy to blend and build that is hard to stop going back to it.

Review by andij: This is a really good product. Provides lots of coverage but feels really lightweight on the skin. Paired with Kryolan Fixing powder even the oilest skin (as mine tends to be) will be shine free all day. It's also not that expensive, and because there are so many colours you can get an excellent match to your skin. It does take a bit of work to spread it over your skin, so use a primer if you have one handy.
Just for reference, I'm a 20 Chanel foundations, and an NB1 in the paintstick, and P5 in the fixing powder.

Review by bunnyrabbit: a totally professional product. coverage can be built from medium to full. It doesn't move around or melt off easily and photographs flawlessly. It can be a bit tricky to work with since it needs a good moisturizer or a silcone primer as a base to smoothen up the application and a wet wedge sponge to do the blending.For full face application dont waste your time trying to apply it with a brush -pick a bit of product up with a wedge sponge or (my personal favourite) apply the makeup from the packaging directly on to the skin .People with oily skin or acne problems or people who live in hot climates will love its durability/coverage.

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Vichy Dermablend Ultra Corrective Cream Stick

Review by bastet: I use this as a concealer underneath my eyes to cover my dark circles. I wouldn't use this on my face as a foundation as it's very thick and I don't use MU on face anyway. This products is thick, works well as a concealer or a spot cover but as the colour options are limited it would be difficult imo to find a good colour match to use it a spot cover unless you'd use it to blend with something else. I'm still using it (that's why I gave it 3 lippies) but has no intention of buying it again. If you are in a jam, buy it but as a concealer and never cover your whole face with it. I blend it under my eyes really well and add YSL touch eclat to take the edge away. As soon as I find something better, I'll throw it away! Mine is opalin 12, which is quite light for my light to medium olive skin but that was the best match.

Review by beckibabe: Love this! I use the "Opal" shade, and love the color and texture of this product. Because it covers so well, a little goes a long way. If you can find a shade to match your skin exactly, this stuff will make your skin look flawless. I dab it on and blend wherever I have any discoloration, and under my eyes to hide dark circles (my eyes are VERY purple underneath). If you have any redness, taking a foundation brush and dabbing it on the product, then applying to face and blending using a "feathering out" motion works really well. Buff a little powder over top and voila! Flawless skin. I will continue to repurchase, as I've bought the product in the pot before, but find the stick so much more handy and versatile.

Review by cperry: I have uneven skin color and roseacia. I need full coverage. This product works! I use it to even out my color and even to hide under-eye circles before adding my foundation. The product needs to be worked a bit with the fingers to warm it up for optimal blending, but does what it says. Honestly, give this a go! It's a bit costly, and i find i must add the foundation after- not because i don't have enough coverage- but just to make my look a little more natural.It's a great product!

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L.A. Colors Mystic foundation/concealer stick

Review by guitarzan: I really like this concealer. I have it in blushing Beige and Warm Beige. The concealer in Warm Beige is perfect for my skin. It is very easy to blend and I use it for my undereye cover, the sides of my nose, and the sides of my lips. I just don't like the packaging of this one. I think the plastic is too soft and I'm afraid it's gonna break on me and will need to put it on another container. The product is great over all.

Review by Olive143: This was surprisingly an okay concealer stick for a dollar. It covers well, and it quite heavy, but can be blended. Has a very strong odor, like baby power.

Review by kimmie578: This has been my favorite drugstore concealer for years! I now use MUFE Full Cover, but will probably always have this in my stash. It blends beautifully, stays put, and is a perfect match for my pale skin. (Not to mention it is only a buck!) This is a great choice for anyone looking for a cheap concealer that actually works.

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