which shampoo ranking first?3 good shampoo

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which shampoo ranking first?Let's see the 3 good shampoo !


Suave Green Apple Shampoo and Conditioner

Review by Bonnie2842: Wash your hair with liquified green Jolly Ranchers! This stuff smells amazing. Works pretty well, too. And since it's so cheap, I can glob on this candy-scented shampoo as much as I want.

Review by belle2216: I've never tried the conditioner but the shampoo is absolutely the BEST. It cleans your hair without stripping it and it moisturizes but doesn't leave your head feeling greasy. If you dye your hair, it is very gentle on the color and doesnt wash it out immediately like most other shampoos. Not to mention the yummy apple scent that you get afterwards..

Review by auth: This is a lovely basic shampoo that smells fantastic (Jolly Rancher Green Apple)! It lathers nicely, and doesn't strip my hair. In fact, I like it better than the 20x more expensive Kerastase shampoo I purchased recently. Huh.

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Grassroots Get It Together 2-in-1 Shampoo plus Conditioner

Review by bossanovaville: I bought a whole bunch of grassroots stuff on Kohls' clearance sale, most of them are marked from 13 to 2. There is a reason why this is so cheap. . .
The shampoo is actually decent, but I feel it's a little stripping. My shampoo has no smell at all maybe because it's old, (and hence the sale)

Review by bastet: Big Possibilities is an awesome shampoo for fine hair. Smells like apples, grapefruit and oranges, and volumizes like crazy. Washes away build up without stripping my hair.
Must use conditioner, but the smell is so terrific without being overpowering. Kohl's carries this line and the shampoo is so much better than the conditioner.
Try it you'll love it.

Review by Olive143: My hair looks a bit frizzy and dull when I use this shampoo. I'm not sure if the problem is stripping or buildup. The results don't look great, but I have cranky hair, and I've tried shampoos that do much worse. I think it would be fine for many hair types. I gave this three lippies, though, because of the smell! Many scents bother me, but I LOVE this! It's light, fresh, clean, and appley without smelling too much like food. It's natural without smelling bright green or too warm. I've stopped using it since I've realized that anything but extremely natural shampoos give my skin problems, but this is the one conventional product I miss. If they made this as a perfume, I'd buy it.

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Nature's Gate Tea Tree Oil Shampoo

Review by redheadjane: This shampoo is okay. There's nothing bad to say about it, but I didn't think it was HG material either. It smells pretty good, it's not overly drying or moisturizing. I just didn't feel like it was giving me any great benefit, so I decided to try something else. This is a good basic shampoo though.

Review by AimeeO: I got this as a cheaper alternative to Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Oil Shampoo for my boyfriend. It smells the same and has less chemicals. However, it didn't have the "tingly scalp feel" that Paul Mitchell does, so he didn't use it. I started using it and I didn't realize how good it was until I tried using Brilliant Brunette. That resulted in greasy hair, itchy flaking scalp, frizz. I went back to the nature's gate Tea Tree shampoo and now I really like it. Doesn't strip color and isn't too drying and allows me to skip a day of hair washing-no greasy hair the next day. No dandruff or itchies or buildup. No frizz.

Review by staci01: This is my favorite Tea Tree Shampoo. I never have a dry itchy scalp when I use this. I follow with the Tea Tree or Aloe Conditioner (both are great).

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