which self tanner ranking first?3 effective self tanner

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By Fiora

which self tanner ranking first?Let's see the 3 effective self tanner !


Yves Rocher Bronze Nature

Review by bastet: I have the spray version of this and WOW. I used to use the Neostrata Self Tan in Deep Dark and that was without a doubt the best self tanner in the world for me. But the deep dark color was discontinued and replaced with 'amber' which I have been too scared to try.
So I tried this spray one and wow! Not as good as Neostrata, but the color is gorgeous bronze and not orange at all on my olive skin. It smells like self tanner but not as bad as most. And best of all, it dries quick and doesnt rub off onto clothes.
It also lasts for a long time!!!!

Review by edie4711: I bought the lotion version of this Bronze Nature self-tanner. What I like about it is that it is not sticky like a gel or greasy like a cream. It is a clear spray that you cannot feel after you rub it in and it dries. (don't forget to wear your latex/vinyl gloves to keep your palms from staining.) Also, it will not make you very dark right away so you can use it to gradually "build" a tan. It does have that chemically smell that these products do but not overpowering. They have added a scent also which is fairly mild and doesn't seem to irritate me or impress me one way or the other.. You have to smell it and see how you like it.

Review by mashafromrussia: I used the 3-in1 Light Finish which is a self-tanner/shimmery bronzer. Awful product!! Perhaps the worst self-tanner I have used, and I've used a lot. I'm pretty good at applying self-tanner, but this came out so streaky - particularly on the legs. Thank goodness it's fall and I can hide them away. Not sure why I'm in the minority on this product but I really do hate it.

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Lancome Flash Bronzer - Deep self-tanning milk

Review by Sybil84: Great self-tanner for the body ( can also be used on the face). The texture is nice and dries quickly, and the smell is delicate. It is available in 2 shades: golden (doré) and deep (intense). Golden is for fair skin and intense for those who want a slightly more tanned effect. I bought the deep one and I am very satisfied with it. I gives my skin a natural tan and moisturizes skin at the same time. The only complaint I have is the price (35 cnd) considering that it contains only 150 ml of product, which would be quickly spent if you use it on your whole body. For my part,as, automn has now arrived, I prefer to use it on my upper body only. Great buy!

Review by liselise1: Gorgeous! Pros: Goes on smooth and even. Dries instantly (read: NOT STICKY! WOO!) Smells nice. Layers well. Good packaging and price isn't bad either! Makes skin feel really smooth! Cons: As its only a milk you tend to apply more than needed and I find myself going through this bottle rather quickly compared to the thicker textured tanning products! But it's definitely one of my top five bronzers now. Highly Recommended!

Review by blyss: this is such a great product!!! i am a N-O-V-I-C-E when it comes to self tanner. i have used this twice recently and LOVE IT!!! my olive tan skin gets beautifully golden and SO not orangey.
no breakouts,no orange. no funky smell i have no idea where that comes from. smells subtle and pretty :) will be repurchasing most definitely,I gave it a 4 because it is a bit greasy on the face, but I think for the tan that i get im ok with that.

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Unlisted Brand tanwise mousse

Review by auth: I first used the Tanwise self tanning spray and it did leave streaks on me. I went back and bought the mousse it was 7.99 a bottle at Sally Beauty Supply. I loved it, it went on evenly and gave me a natural looking tan. I even had enough nerve to do my face with this product and have received alot of compliments. I will never buy a different self tanning product!

Review by ZoSo: decided to purchase this afterall. i am pretty impressed. purchased it at sally's beauty for 9.99 with a sally's beauty card.
this isnt a gradual self tanner. its more of like a bronzing mousse! no orange. just a nice lovely glow. i use it to maintain a good even tain with my lotion self-tanners. NOT WATERPROOF! be careful not to get water splashed on your body/face when using it b'cos it will wash it. it is not a stain. its like non-waterproof makeup.....splash water on it, it will run and be streaky.
as much as i like the color it gives, i would not repurchase just b'cos of the fact that it does not absorb into your skin and gradually tan.

Review by lbarnold: I was in mourning over the discontinuation of Savage Bronze... I had been using it for years... I read several reviews on different boards that recommend this product in its place... I am AMAZED... even better than Savage and absolutely NO smell... The tan is more gradual but ends up flawless!

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