which self tanner is the best?3 top self tanner

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which self tanner is the best?Let's see the 3 top self tanner !


Alba Botanica Advanced Sunless Tanning Lotion, With SPF 15

Review by srobinb: Yes, this stuff really rocks, especially for PPPs like me. I think you could make it darker just by applying a couple days in a row. So many people are fooled by this stuff. The ONLY drawback, as has been mentioned, is that it fades down a little splotchy. But it's really only noticeable up close. You definitely need to moisturize frequently when you use this; it maintains the tan longer. This lasts very well for the first 3 days, starts to get the lizard-y look at about 5-6 days, and is gone in a week. I think the trick to avoiding the lizard action is just to reapply every 4 days or so. Given that this stuff is v. affordable that's not a problem. This beats Lancome's self-tanner (which is not bad) hands down.

Review by mielr: I love organic products and natural ingredients, and i was already familiar with Alba lotions, so i was eager to try this. i'm a PPP and i never tan...so i used the self-tanner and i was happy with the smell and the feel. the tan itself looked a tad orange on me, but my DH didn't think it was too bad...just a light bronze tan. for me, however, this is not a process that is convenient enough to keep up with (the drying time, etc.) so i won't likely continue. but i'd recommend the product for newbie self-tanners like myself. and the price is decent.

Review by sleepyone: Gives a nice golden glow, and smells yummy. I don't actually have the one with SPF 15, though, but I couldn't find another entry for Alba Sunless Tan.

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Olay Touch of Sun - overnight

Review by rebec75: i bought this in med/ dark after seeing the reviews also mainly because it didnt contain mineral oil and in 2 apps i am DARK and i mean DARK i love this stuff soo much !! i do need to find a facial product also it doesnt turn my face and neck so i am white on the face and neck which is corrected with foundation *UPDATE* After using this product four days outta 7 my friends said i had a orangey yellow glow that looked overly fake but some of my other friends said i didnt . personally i dont really think i do but mind you most of my friends are pretty pale so any one with a hint of color looks overly tan to them

Review by AutumnBliss: i've tried other self-tanners and out of all the ones i have tried this is the best. there isn't much of a smell and the colour stays on without streaking. i use it mostly during the summer. now that's its winter i haven't touched it in awhile. it made my legs look really radiant and healthy.

Review by Springncts: This review is for the Touch of Sun facial moisturizer with SPF 20, for Fair complexions. (not the "overnight" product.)
This product has given me a great summery glow that doesn't look fake on my fair but rosey complexion. I use it every day and I still haven't gotten a fake tan look, just like I have some "healthy color."
I love that it has SPF in it and it hasn't broken me out either (and I can at times be prone to breakouts.) Never noticed any unpleasant smell either.

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SUN Laboratories Tan Overnight

Review by fuxxy: This is my favourite self-tanner. I am super pale (NC10-15) and every other self-tanner I have ever tried turns a nasty shade of yellow or orange on me. This product has a very slight pinky undertone which makes it look so natural and seem as though I got some sun. The lotion itself is a scary looking chocolate-green shade and the colour guide is a quite horrible green tinge, but it wears off quite quicky, leaving behind a beautiful tan. This is an awsome self-taner that is completely worth it- highly recommended

Review by belladoggie00: Love love love this!
I don't remember how much I paid for this but it was definitely worth it. It gives me a nice brown tint and it doesn't look fake or streaky. It doesn't leave you orange either!
A good tip is to mix one pump tanner + one pump lotion and it gives you a nice subtle glow. The only con to this is that it takes forever to dry!

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