which self tanner is the best?3 best self tanner

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By Monica

which self tanner is the best?Let's see the 3 best self tanner !


SugarBaby SugarBaby Tan In A Can

Review by fitnessa: i agree with the previous reviewer that it is similar to modelco's fake tan ...although i dont think it is anywhere near as good.The smell is similar both have a very plesant coco butter smell ,both spray on and easy to blend .The downfalls of sugarbaby are that it applys a little streaky (this may be due to the fact that you cant see where you are applying) ,the colour comes off on your clothes ,this dosnt bother me though because i use it at night time .I am also not such a big fan of the colour its not terrible just slightly orange .All in all this stuff is good for the price ,though i would say it is more for a fake tan pro because its pretty easy to go streaky ,im not sure if i would repurchase this ,but il say yes

Review by askewchick: This is a lot like ModelCo's Tan Airbrush in a Can. Same beautiful color, same vanilla-ish scent, around the same amount of applications out of it, both easy to use, only SugarBaby's 25 cheaper!!!! I love both ModelCo and SugarBaby products and do prefer ModelCo's version on a count of its lasting power but i tend to buy SugarBaby more often b/c of the price. Its only about 20AU for 250g (ModelCo 45 for 220). I get about 6-7 full body applications from SugarBaby and about 5 from ModelCo. SugarBaby is great for my regular tanning and i'll put ModelCo aside for special occasions.

Review by Jennybear: This is actually a review for the Mousse version of this product.
Love the colour result super natural with a cool red base, very quick and easy to apply with latex gloves. Build-able - sometimes I apply two coats if I'm in the mood - and the smell is a pleasant coco-buttery scent.
Lasts for around five days, maybe longer if you moisturise religiously - which I don't. I prefer this colour and ease of application over St Topez and thats saying something!

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Lancome Light Self-Tanning Milk

Review by mworley00: I can't believe it's taken me so long to review this staple of mine. My sensitive skin is highly reactive to products so it has been a relief to find something I can use on my face without getting itchy. I bought this because it says it's for 'face and body' and I certainly didn't want to splash out for a seperate product for both. I use this on my face, neck and chest once a week all year round and the rest of my body in the summer (sporadically). The colour is perfect for my PPP/LLL complexion. My only problem - and this is something I have found with all fake tanners - is that it irritates my leg hair follicles a couple of days after use. I haven't yet found one that doesn't. But elsewhere it's perfect.

Review by munchlaxy: I bought this at superdrug (£14.99 for any UK ladies out there!) I used it on my whole body, and was impressed at how silky smooth it left my legs. The colour developed quite quick, probably around 1 hour as stated on the packaging and it gave me a lovely natural healthy glow tan. I have quite tanned skin anyway so would buy a medium-deep colour of this in the future. I will continue to use this bottle up but to get a darker colour i would need to apply it a couple of times over. The milk was light and not oily at all, very pleased with it, would repurchase again in a darker shade.

Review by dontblink15: This WAS the best self tanner for the body I have ever used. I say "was" because it has now been discontinued. Quite why baffles me... Fortunately I found it on sale in Superdrug in my local town so I snapped up five bottles.
What I like,
-It is very moisturising
-The formula is very light so easy to spread
-It is not tinted
-Produces a golden tan - makes me look French!
I originally used the Dark version of this product but preferred the Light because it is possible to build up the colour and it looks better in photographs.

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The Body Shop Fake It Self-Tan Mousse for Body

Review by cosmokid: One of the best sunless tanners i've used. The mousse is easy to apply, the color is pretty natural. It does smell a little funky after a while... but not any worse than most other sunless tanners.

Review by Jessimau: i am OBSESSED with this product! i bought it in the lotion form during their after christmas sale. it was 3.25 (unbelieveable) and i figured i'd give it a try. i get VERY tan in summer and even though lotion self-tanners say it's for med to dark skin, it has never shown up.
well this one did and it is such a BELIEVABLE TAN NATURAL color on me. i am very hard to please and i love this! the smell is so faint. i went back and bought another 2 bottles. before i used this i wanted to go to the tanning salon cause i looked so pale. now i look great and don't have the skin cancer risk! so so so happy

Review by JettNY: This is one of only two sunless tanning products I've used that looks remotely natural on me, as opposed to orange. I actually just applied some today to enhance and deepen my real tan. I'm not bothered by the smell, but when it comes to everything but actual fragrances, I'm usually not picky on scent - the smell disappears after a shower, anyway. I know some people say that sunless foams don't have the staying power that a lotion does, but just as Preppygirl stated, the heaviness of the lotion can be a problem for oily skin. In Canada, this stuff is 20.00 per bottle, so it's not cheap. But I feel that's a fair price to pay in my case since it does a good job.

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