which pressed powder is good?3 top pressed powder

By Tifanny

which pressed powder is good?Let's see the 3 top pressed powder !


New York Color Color Wheel Mosaic Face Powder in Bronze Glow

Review by Carrie: Really awesome bronzer. I had been using Wet 'n' Wild Color Icon Bronzer in Princess which I like alot but it is very shimmery and I feel like it makes me look a little like a teenager. So I saw this and thought, "why not?" So I got it and I have to say, I really like it. It is MATTE. I didn't realize how much the WnW made me look like a teenager. This makes me look very natural yet a bit darker with out looking like an oompa loompa. It does have a bit of a red tint to it but I have a nuetral skin tone and right now I'm somewhat fair and it looks fine on me. Be careful not to apply it very heavily, a little goes a long ways. Over all I give it five lippies. Stays on all day and looks natural. The price is awesome, aroung 4.00 I think. The packaging is typical nothing awesome but funtional. When I run out I will repurchase.

Review by ooliedonna: i LOVE LOVE LOVE this bronzer! ive tried so many over the years and have never been happy with eaither the packaging or horrible orange, sparkly, coverage!!
my friend had this and i was unsure because of the cheap reputation nyc has, but dont judge a book by its cover! this is my favorite bronzer ever!!

Review by zhenya: I got this on clearance at CVS. I really like it! It's matte and the colors don't show up orange like. I do the E3 method when bronzing my face and I have to say this is the most natural look bronze color I have in my collection. I definitely recommend!

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Cargo blu_ray high definition pressed powder

Review by joheinous: Love this! It's my new holy grail powder. I use a powder brush. I love it because it's full coverage but doesnt look cakey or settle in my "creases" It sets my foundation well and since I've been using this I dont have an issue looking "bare" at the end of the day. Skin looks flawless. Amazing!

Review by Jennybear: Not impressed. Decided to try this after so many positive reviews on YT and MUA. I got this for half the retail price from a seller on eBay and so glad I didn't pay full price for this. The color selection is horrible as there are only four to choose from. For 30, I'd expect a wider range of shades. For reference, I am an NC42 and the 30 is a tad too light, yet the 40 is way too dark. I ended up settling for the 30 in the end, which is ok when I'm lighter during winter. I have combo-oily skin and this didn't seem to help much with that. I've tried this as a setting powder and on it's own and noticed as the day went on it would begin to oxidize around the center of my face. The coverage wasn't to my liking either. I like full coverage and this was definitely light to medium. Wouldn't repurchase and don't plan on using again.

Review by mriaow: Self adjusting color my a**. I'm med skin tone with a pinkish undertone and this made me look yellow, jaundiced I would even say. So if you pink gals wanna look like your suffering from liver failure (no offence anybody) go ahead and buy it...oh ya, and it looks cakey as hell. Love the blush though.

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Hard Candy O-Blot-Erate

Review by Leelee57: This is a pretty good product. The shine on my face disappeared enough to leave a healthy glow as soon as I sweeped this on. It's invisible on my face, and I love it. The only con is that it smells a tad wierd. But I'll cope with that until I find something better :-) . Edit: There is talc in this, FYI.

Review by IiIy: I'm glad I trusted the three people that gave this great ratings. I don't wear a lot of face make-up but I do tend to get oily during the day. This kills the oilies without looking "make-upy". And yeah, the heart thing is fairly useless but works in a pinch.

Review by Bethany09: i loooove this stuff. it works great with eliminating shine on any skin tone. i had previously had bad experiences with clean and clears blue powder which literally made my face turn blue. this is very lightweight and does the trick. real results with this! i will most def buy again.

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