which pressed powder is good?3 best pressed powder

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By Monica

which pressed powder is good?Let's see the 3 best pressed powder !


Clarins Pressed Powder in 01, Ivory

Review by ninanina: A great product - the best compact powder I have ever used! Perfect if you want/need extra coverage (on the top of the foundation), not if you prefer a more glowing look. The nicest thing is that is actually not drying, like most powders are.

Review by jlinh2u:
I write my review in here but the complete name of my powder is: Clarins Poudre Douceur #30 Beige Sable.
This powder is superfine in texture, it has good staying power and does look matte without being dull. The packaging is really cute and the sponge is useful. It feels really good on the skin and it does not dry it.
The bad thing about this is that there are just 3 shades and I'm the darkest one xD , this just makes me laugh because I'm not a very pale person, but I'm definetly not tan! So if you're not light skinned don't even think about this.
This is a great powder in my opinion and I would recommend it, but it's really sad the poor shade selection.

Review by pink_cosmos: After years and years and years, I have found my favourite pressed powder. It has staying power and gives a great finish. I'm very happy to use a cheaper foundation as long as I have this as the final touch. It's pricey but worth it. Highly recommended.

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Too Faced Absolutely Flawless

Review by JT14: I liked this product so much more when I tried it on in Sephora. It is very pretty powder - just not right for my coloring.... I really like the shimmer effect tho.

Review by Susie31: LOVE LOVE LOVE this stuff. Seriously, it is fan-freaking-tastic! My perpetually broken-out forehead thanks the makeup-artist who 'cajoled' me into buying this (it was 34 bucks though). I have combo skin and pretty moderate forehead acne, and the concealer/powder combo was perfect in 2 karat. I bought about 30 extra little foam round things, though, as I get major breakouts if I use the same one twice.

Review by nechama22: I just started using this powder and I love it! It makes your skin really look flawless! The powder has a nice silky feel to it. It doesn't come in too many colors though. I like that it comes with a mirror, and a nice sponge and a separate compartment for the sponge. So far this is my favorite powder that I have tried so far. It is a little pricey though, but not enough for me not to buy it again. I got it at ulta and it was 32.00, but I had a 20% off coupon and had 4.00 off from my ulta rewards, so I got it for 23 which is a great deal!

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Paula Dorf Pressed Powder Bronze Beauty

Review by runtagua: OOOhhh how i love this product! Its a very pretty dusty pink color and I think it would look great on all complexions. It has good pigmentation and staying power, I have a medium skin tone and this really warms up my face, this is all you need to apply to feel super pretty! If I wear this without anything else on my face I feel content that is how powerful I find it, plus its such a unique color--at least I think so, the product will last a while and I think it would be nice to wear throughout the year not just summer

Review by Cordelia: This a winter staple for my PPP skin. On me it is plummy/bronze with no orange. It wakes up my dull drab complexion in the colder months and looks perfect with winter pastels.

Review by YolandaMC: This is a very natural bronzer for lighter skin. Brownish bronzers make me look dirty/orange. This is like a suntanning blush for the whole face. So little product is needed- I have the same one I bought over 4 years ago. My compact also broke after I dropped it in the bathroom, so it's in 2 pieces. The more complicated and heavy the compact is, the more ways it can break...the brush is great though. I keep a rubber band around it.
EDIT: 6/08 - I repurchased this after tossing my old, broken one...now it comes with a powder puff instead of a brush (why bother) which makes the compact super-bulky, so I superglued it shut so it wouldn't break this time. All this trouble is worth it, I promise...this is a gorgeous bronzer-alternative for PPPs/blush for MMMs. Shimmery sunburned rose w/ a hint of brown.

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