which powder is good?3 best powder

By Elena

which powder is good?Let's see the 3 best powder !


Cover Girl Pocket Powder

Review by kjjamm808: This is a surprisingly good powder. I was in desperate need of a new powder so I ran to Target and just grabbed the first respectable looking powder I could find. It matches my skin very nice, but it was hard to find the perfect color at the store. The color swatches weren't too accurate. The powder keeps me matte for about my whole(school) day. It didn't dry me out or anything. I'd definately reccomend this.

Review by tambien: This is the best powder I have ever used. The compact is small enough that I can take it to school and use it whenever I start getting shiney. It gets rid of oil and gives really nice light coverage. The big mirror is nice too.

Review by tippygirl: With exception to the Ivory, all colors were ORANGE! I tried this as a touch up powder to keep the oilies at bay. It was a so-so product, the colors available suck, there was no translucent. I will not repurchase this item.

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Erno Laszlo Controlling Face Powder

Review by Vaniessa: Summertime's powder over a little extra-controlling lotion on the T-zone. That's IT !! no foundation, no fuss, just a perfect finish.

Review by Susie31: This works great and really controls my oil! When I first put it on you can still see a few little "particles" on my skin, but they're always gone by the time I get out the door. I would buy this again. The only complaint I have is that when you first open it there's a CRAZY plastic thing covering the powder that's hard to get off.

Review by Lola_Bear: Great product. Been using it for over 25+ years. Terrific for setting make-up!

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Marcelle Silky Finish Face Powder

Review by island_honey: I could not agree more! I love this stuff! I have it in translucent dark, which is a good color for darker, olive skinned people. I had transluced medium before (which I found in cleareance for 2) and it was waaaaay too peachey in color, but i thought for that price i'd give it a try! even though the translucent medium was a wrong color for me, i noticed how nice, soft and silky the powder was. I did not use this color too much, and it sat in my drawer for a couple of years. I found the translucent medium at a drug store (Pharmasave), it retails for 8, and I'm very very happy I purchased it. The color match is perfect, it seems to adapt very well to olive complexions. The quality is comparable, if not better than Clinique's Blended face powder, even though the container is not as nice. This is a loose powder. I will defenately repurchase. My HG in loose powders.

Review by YolandaMC: Silky as silk my friends. It goes on smooth and you can't even notice it. It is smell free, so it is even better. And if that was not enough... it lasts forever!!!!

Review by pink_cosmos: You Canadians are lucky, lucky gals to have this. This is FANTASTIC powder,for this or any other price. If you are oily, though, it can be a little shiny. But the texture is like silk and the tad bit of shininess helps diffuse lines and flaws. I forgot I had this and bought some LeClerc a while back. Honestly, I like this just as much, if not a wee bit better, than my LeClerc. And I loooooove LeClerc! If you are Canadian, you need to go buy this now. Now!

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