which powder foundation ranking first?3 effective powder foundation

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By Monica

which powder foundation ranking first?Let's see the 3 effective powder foundation !


MAC Mineralize Skin Finish, Medium

Review by biomechmonster: Was matched wrong to this in the past so I sold it off... but quickly realized after selling it that I really liked the product. Went back and bought the correct shade. I love this product. It gives me a light coverage over the redness in my skin without making me look like im wearing foundation of any kind. It's soft, works well and doesn't irritate my skin. Would definitely repurchase this again and again.

Review by Viognier: I absolutely adore this product! It works very well to set foundation, without leaving a cakey appearence to the skin due to its light reflecting properties. I also use this product to set the concealer under my eyes as I find that it diffuses the light ever so slightly and does not settle into the small lines around the eye area. Its coverage is sheer, so I would say it isn't a repleacement for regular foundation, but works well in summer when I don't want as much coverage. I have heard that it shoudn't be worn if you are planning to have your photograph taken as it can really bleach the appearence of the skin, but I have yet to test this out. This product works well to take the shine out of my skin following foundation, but leaves it with a radiant finish. I could not be without this product!

Review by abrilio: I love this powder. It gives the most natural finish to the skin. Doesn't look cakey at all! I've tried using this alone and with liquid foundation under, and it gives the most seamless, smooth coverage. This just blends in with the skin perfectly! I can't live without this! I can't believe I only found out about this now!

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Chanel Chanel Blanc Essentiel Light Reflecting Whitening Powder Foundation SPF 25

Review by Pinki: oh, i love this!!! i have in in no.30, though i think it's a little bit too pink and white for me, but the other colours is too yellow. this fdt last for ages, i still got a lot in the pan after 6 +months
the powder is very very fine and comfortable, i actually like to apply it wet. it's got very good coverage and staying powder compared to other powder foundation. in my opinion, it's better than the black box one! though it's a bit dry even for my combo-oily skin, it controls oil excellent. i love the fact that it got some whitening ingredients in it, as i've some frekles under eyes and on the cheek.

Review by sleepyone: where can i buy this? i've been searching for it!

Review by beckibabe: I gave this product a 4 even though it did not achieve what i wanted it to. I've been on a quest for that illusive, natural glow and sad to say this product is not light reflecting at all. Instead, those looking for a mattifying powder will enjoy this.

Pros: it makes my skin look so soft and smooth! This powder will be great for a matte look.
Those who also have oily skin and are also after THE glow (not the oily, big pore, i-need-a-blotter shine) may find comfort in the fact that after 2-3h, there is a nice balance between the powder and facial oil where a sheen (and not a shine) appears.

Cons: it feels like pure talc. Soft as my skin looks, it is unhappy to the touch. Those with dry, sensitive skin may wish to try this powder repeatedly before purchase.

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New York Color Smooth Skin Loose Powder

Review by ooliedonna: YES! This stuff rocks! No creasing, just a lovely finish. I don't know how it will stand up to sweating, but for less than 3, I don't care... I was pretty close to purchasing Benefits Powderflage for 28... so glad I came across this guy first!

Review by taurusgurl5984: Brilliant setting powder! is light and non-cakey when applied! packaging is a little hard to work with but the product is worth it. Will repurchase time and again

Review by amystar: I loveee this product
*its cheap
*it doesn't make me break out which means a lot to me b/c I have sensitive skin
*has a lot of product included
the only thing I dont like about this product is the packaging, you can't travel anywhere with it b/c it'll go all over your bag.
I dont know if this is discontinued because I've check the CVS and Rite Aid near me the last few weeks and I can't find this. So can anyone tell me if its discontinue?

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