which powder foundation is the best?3 best powder foundation

By Fiora

which powder foundation is the best?Let's see the 3 best powder foundation !


Revlon Skinlights Loose Powder in Warm Light

Review by omegakitty: Absolutely gorgeous looking, but made me break out so bad! I have a few friends who have reported the same problem with the skin lights line making them break out. Such a shame because it's so pretty!

Review by bossanovaville: I purchased this powder probably about three years ago, and I still have the same container of it. I know its a long time to keep a product but it still works as good as it did when i first purchased it. I have an lighter olive skin tone that can look sallow if im not careful. This powder brightens up my complexion. I just put it on my cheekbones, nose, chin and forehead (where th su would normally touch). I blend it in really well so i dont look like i have obvious patches. Id like to try the natural light next. My bestfriend who is very fair skinned used the warm light powder too. Infact all she wears is that powder and a little mascara and she looks great!!! Anyways I find i sometimes mix it with eye shadows, blushes or even just dust a little on my collar bone and shoulders for a sparkley look. I LOVVVVE IT!

Review by Vaniessa: I clcked "Yes, Buy Again" if I can find it. I have Revlon Skinlights in Natural Light and receive more compliments wearing it than any other powder.
The 4 shades are of varying intesnity; there is a Bronzer, Brightener, and 2 shades of Face Powder to blend and mix to your satisfaction. In this particular color selection, I have exactly what I need to bring to radiance and a healthy glow to my skin. Sometimes I wear it simply, under a sheer layer of Primer; sometimes I wear it under full coverage liquid foundation, and it never fails to garner a compliment. It outperforms Chanel's Double Perfection Compact, and that's sad, because Revlon Skinlights is HTF and Chanel's powder will be around forever.
If you can find it, buy up as much as you can and use it!

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Chanel Vitalumiere Eclat de Chanel Compact Makeup

Review by Pinki: Like another reviewer, I also was pleasantly surprised by this powder foundation. I have combination skin with an oily T-zone which means I usually have to use blotting powders during the day, so I was a bit apprehensive when the SA told me her customers with dry skin love it.
However, this not only gives me a semi-matte finish which lasts all day, I only need to reach for the blotting paper at the end of the day instead of every few hours.
I bought the lightest shade, B20 Beige Tendre. I love the compact it comes in and the two applicators - a brush for very light coverage, a sponge for light-to-medium coverage. It doesn't give me as much coverage as many liquid foundations, but the look is very natural, no cakiness or powdery look.
The only thing I'm not crazy about is the price - like all Chanel products, it's quite expensive.

Review by oneofmylies99: I was pleasantly surprised with this! I was nervous as I have combination skin and this is for dry but I shouldn't have worried.
This is very light for a powder. It looks smooth and radiant, not powdery at all, and lasted quite well throughout the day (considering I wasn't wearing a primer).
The reason for 4 stars and not 5 is the price (v expensive for what you get), the horrible perfumey smell and the poor colour choice.
I went for the lightest shade and it looked very yellow on me. I'm not overly pink or yellow - but all of Chanel's shades are, there's no middle ground. If Chanel would make this a nice neutral cream colour, I'd put up with the smell and bump this up to 5 stars.
EDIT: I have stopped wearing this because of the light yellowy colour and strong fragrance.

Review by bekkbekk1985: I am quite surprised how this powder foundation is so fine and smooth. I can even use it around my eye area without looking dry and cakey! I am so impressed! I was never fond of Chanel powder foundations until this one appeared.

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Kanebo Transmatte Compact

Review by minnielouse: This is a great product for my skin. It keeps away the shine for hours, and protects my make-up from my oily skin when applied regularly. I bought it in the colour "sand" which blends perfectly with my warm skin tone PPP/LLL. Used w/o any other make-up it evens out my skin. It feels light on my skin, and has not caused me to break out. Jippi!

Review by auth: When you first decide to buy Kanebo Transmatte Compact, you need to spend a little extra as you have to buy the case as well as the powder itself but it's worth it!
The best compact powder I have ever used. It blends in, it looks natural, it's wonderful. You ought to try it!
(The shade I purchased was TC110, the lightest, I believe)

Review by jlinh2u: This is my everyday powder. Trust the japanese for powdery things , and as far as I'm concerned, this is one of the best. Lovely shades too.

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