which palette ranking first?3 top palettes

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By Vicky

which palette ranking first?Let's see the 3 top palettes !


Too Faced Enchanted Glamourland

Review by diachu21: I love this palette. Glamazon is the most gorgeous color that i consistantly reach for. I love the bronzer also in this palette. The full sized shadow insurance is AMAZING and the pillow talk plumping gloss is also gorgeous. This palette offer everthing and is a must-have.

Review by beckibabe: Pros~
Pretty shadows
cute packaging
use for everyday looks
nice lip gloss
blush to dark
bronzer is to shiny
primer is cakey
could only buy for a limited time

Review by betsyab: I just bought this product last week and I love it! The package is super cute! The eye shadow insurance works great because it STAYS. I personally like it more than the UDPP. The urban decay is too slick and leaves a greasy feeling (to me at least), and it feels like you got to rub it in more than you would lotion. eyeshadow colors are very beautiful. I like them becuase you can have your shimmering eyeshadow or not....depending on the look your going for that day and they blend nicely together. The snow bunny broner and blush gives you a nice polished look too :) As for the lip gloss, it goes on smoothly, nice shine, and is great for anytime of day.

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Stila Noire Palette

Review by roxiblue: I have both Blanc and Noire palettes and I prefer Noire palette hands down over Blanc!!
Beautiful packaging, the shadows and blush are nicely coordinated. I find that a lot of Stila palettes have a lighter shadow that I normally don?t care for, this palette has a nice base shadow that I actually use. The mid shadow is bluish but not overly crazy and the darkest shadow is black with sparkles (similar to the black shadow in The PDolls palette) but it doesn't show (that's good actually lol). With this palette I can make an amazing bluish smokey eye and it?s definitely a keeper! LOVE IT!

Review by zhenya: I just got this palette on last week with a good price in eBay. I have got a lot of compliments how my eyes look nice since the first day I use this palette. SO GLAD I have this item in my collection!!! yeah, and I love the texture, very soft and easy to blend. The black and blue tone have a little of shimmer in it, and these two colors also very beautiful to make smokey look. The lightest color on the left corner is gorgeous for highlight, i use this most. and I also use pink blush as a pink e/s. This palette is awesome!!! If you are reading my review, ^_^ I recommend you to have one.

Review by Suzy_h: I like the blush in the palette but hate the eyeshadows. they look good in the palette but they are not pigmented at all once u get them on your lid!def would not repurchase this!

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Chantecaille Tango in Argentina

Review by sjcsmall: Love Love Love the palette, the dark color is the best eyeliner color, great for brunettes. its too bad the company discontinued this palette and at this point it is very hard to find.

Review by dontblink15: Tango in Argentina is the latest Chantecaille LE 3 pan palette. The palette comes with two powder eye shadows, and one creme blush. The lightest shade is a shimmer gold color, great as hight lighter. I did find that as overall wash, you have to apply with very light hand or it could turn a little bit orange when you build up too much. The darkest shade is a shimmer purple, brownish shade with a hint of burgundy tone to it. I have used this shade as liner, over crease or mix with the light shade for a more natural day time look. The creme blush is a beautiful rose shade. The texture is the same as her blush in Les Trois Lumieres. I have never used up any mu product but if I ever use this up, I would definitely repurchase the darkest eye shade which is very unique and complex.

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