which palette ranking first?3 popular palette

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By Helen

which palette ranking first?Let's see the 3 popular palette !


Stila Vanity Fair Set

Review by Newme: This is just a review for the Vanity Fair eyeshadow palette. Inside you get three shadow in a blue and white cardboard compact. One is a shimmery soft white and the duo is dark matte navy blue and a shimmery iridiscent bright vibrant cobalt blue. Very pretty duo but quite cool toned. I love blues and this reminds me of the Winter Blues trio.

Review by omegakitty: Got this cheap on Strawberrynet and got a lot for my money. I was really just after the eyeshadows and lipstick, so although the face luminizer doesn't do it for me I won't deduct a lippie for that as the rest of the kit is so good. The white eyeshadow is a great highlighter and the 2 blues are beautifully pigmented. Becky is a really easy lipstick colour to wear as I find it goes with most looks and is a really flattering shade.

Review by runty: I got this purely because I thought I could use everything in the set. The eyeshadow set is great for a blue/black smoky eye and the Becky lipstick is a pretty pink/red sheer shade bit it lacks the staying power. The illuminating powder however is the biggest let down, its tiny and the colour is actually white that when applied on the skin it looks really unnatural and obvious. The velvet pouch this set comes in looks really cheap and not made very well at all.
I would repurchase this because of the eyeshadow set but not for anything else.

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Bobbi Brown 'Ski Slopes' Color Palette For F

Review by OutofControl: Once I've seen advert of Ski Slopes with this beautifully make up I thought it must be mine. I finally bought it some time ago and I deeply regret it. It was my first item from Bobbi Brow and I'm dissapointed with this brand. palette itself is chic, sleek and ugh lovely. But inside... Both eyeshadows don't stick to the eyelid. Lighter lipstick got weird brown color - not flattering at all. It's very hard to recreate look from the advert cos brushes provided are the worst I ever used. In fact it is just 1 double ended brush. There is nothing to apply lipstick and blush. Only thing I love to use is second lipstick from set. Anyway no more!

Review by julie9536: This is my 1st review, but I MUST share. I'm a Bobbi whore--I'd probably sell myself in exchance for 60 seconds at the Bobbi counter to grab whatever I could. :) Seriously, this palette is simply a must. I have similar coloring to the model Bobbi uses to sell this new palette: Light blond hair, blue eyes, lightish complexion. Anyway, I just wore it out for the first time today and, no joke, a woman stopped and asked if I did my own makeup. Bobbi's web site says she was inspired to create this palette after skiing in Colorado and seeing the flushed, fresh look of women coming off the slopes. I used the palette exactly as Bobbi said on the website to "create this look" and it was great. Subtle, fresh but really stunning. I want to eat it. (tee hee). High praise for this.

Review by kitkat85: Like most of the other reviewers, I love this palette. I am a cool-toned PPP with blue eyes and dark red hair. I was afraid this might be too warm-toned for me, but the colors are beautifully neutral.
The "Cream" eye shadow is a great base color to bring some brightness and evenness to the lid. I ADORE the "Espresso" shadow--it is a matte, blacked-out brown I use for lining. I use it wet to line, and dry to smoke it out a bit. The texture and pigmentation of this shadow blow Stila and MAC out of the water.
The "Slopes" blush is just ok. It's a basic warm-toned brownish pink; makes me look a little muddy. I prefer Bobbi's "Pale Pink" blush for my skin tone. I feel the same way about the "Nude" lip color--blah! Makes me look dead! The "Slopes" lipcolor, however, is a gorgeous cranberry red--one of the only reds I can wear. I hope she releases this one as an individual lipstick.

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Chanel Coromandels de Chanel

Review by oopsygirl: I would have to say that this is the worst review I have ever given on MUA. I bought it because it looked so pretty and was LE! But, I can't wear this, no matter how hard I try (and believe me I have tried). I have black hair/blue eyes/NW25/Chanel Shell. The yellow looks *awful* on me - very dull and just "off" somehow (probably my skin tone). The reddish color turns a very unattractive dirty coral on me and the black is chalky and difficult to apply (unlike the black in the fascination quad or the dreams, which blend effortlessly). So it is just sitting in my drawer now...bought this with a GC, so glad I didn't spend my own money on it! Sorry Chanel, love everything else you've ever done :)

Review by stephanie32082: Chic, charmant, cher, Chanel chinoiserie.
I'm sure I could duplicate whatever look this gives with other stuff in my stash, but this is so pretty and Chanel quality. It is like a beautifully constructed pastry or hors-d'oeuvre, but the minute you bite into it, the visual structure is gone. I may have to buy one just to admire (or steal the plastic replica at the display).
It's lovely, but treat it delicately.

Review by stellaluna2: I think that this is a gorgeous LE item. It looks a little gimmicky at first, but it gorgeous on! The colors as very pigmented. The metallic gold is lasered onto the top layer of all three colors (in different forms) but the gold in the center of the palette goes throughout the bottom. I love using all three colors in the palette for a really dramatic eye. I'm not sure that this would look great on everyone, but it's gorgeous on those with dark eyes. I was a bit hesitant about this item, but after trying it on and creating different looks with it, I'm hooked!

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