which palette ranking first?3 effective palette

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By Elena

which palette ranking first?Let's see the 3 effective palette !


Stila Front Cover Lookbook Palette in Look no. 2 2007 edition

Review by AimeeO: if i could only keep one palette, it would be this one, and i don't even use the blush. the colors are not very dramatic, but they're perfect for an everyday eye, and they work well on my NC25 olive asian skin. at first, i was biased against stila e/s b/c the ones i'd tried were so shimmery, but these are just perfect, and i don't feel silly at all wearing them.

Review by blacklittlepig: I really liked this product. Time and again I keep reaching for this pallette. It compliments my Asian tones really well. The brown in this cover look is softer than the other two colors. The blush is really subtle, and gives a really pretty pink glow. The other two colors blend into each other really well. It gives a subtle yet sophisticated look. The packaging is cute, but I wish it wasn't cardboard. Other than that, I have no problems with the actual shadows and blush. The lipgloss, however, I am NOT a fan off. It is SO gloopy so I never use it. It was almost like plastic...I tried sticking the wand into the container, and the gloss was so goopy that it pushed the wand back up! It's hard to explain, but the gloss is "bouncy". I like the acutal pallette but the lipgloss i could do without.

Review by kit_kat68: This is a lovely palette, all the nude eye colours suit my Asian NC20 colouring very well. The colour payoff is amazing, and when used with water, the colours are even more vibrant. Only gripe I have is that blush, which doesn't seem to show up on me very well. It's a tad light. The lip gloss is lovely though. Will want to collect the whole set of look books.

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Becca Best of Becca palette (Holiday 07)

Review by auth: In general I like this palette. The two shadows are gorgeous. Both warm, which I usually don't do well with, but these work well. Turkish rose if a gorgeous cream blush and the blossom lip/cheek is also pretty. I wish they would have included just one of these and put in a strict lippie, but they don't sell l/s, so I guess that's why. The bird of paradise is nice, although it's probably the product I'll use the least. Nice overall "taste of becca"

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LORAC Miss Davenporte Showstopper

Review by stephanie32082: This palette is gorgeous, and a total steal for its price ( 42 CAD). The packaging is fab (although impossible to clean, and sheds little black beads and glitter chunks everywhere) and the colors are perfect for a day look but can also be layered up for a more dramatic effect.The eyeshadows are of great quality, richly pigmented, silky and long lasting. The blush is perfection - it gives me that natural flushed look (it's Nars Orgasm minus the chunky glitter).

Review by Lola_Bear: I said I'd buy this again, but I'm kind of on the fence. I really love the blush in this palette. I do mostly cream blushes, and this is one of the only powder blushes that both shows up on me and looks great. My biggest complaint is that the eyeshadows in the palette are too shimmery for my taste. I love the eyeliner shade (a smokey dark grey) and Serenity e/s, which I bought as a single shade years ago. The highlighter color in particular is too shimmery for me. Wish I could combine the highlighter from the Snake Charmer palette with the blush in this one. I think I'll be using the eyeshadows in this palette exclusively for nighttime looks.

Review by mulhollanddrive: This is a gorgeous fall palette, and truly a must have! I'm getting a little annoyed with all the sequins falling out whenever I touch the palette, and like the previous reviewer said, it's impossible to clean once you get it a bit dirty, so you just have to be careful (luckily, you're talking to the queen of carefully taking care of makeup).
The sparkly black shade is perfect for lining, while the blush is really comparable to Orgasm, only a little more natural and pink, and more shimmery.
The packaging though, is wonderful, despite the little pieces. It comes in a nice black box with the softest pouch inside, and inside that is the palette.
Get it while you can!

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