which palette ranking first?3 best palettes

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By Fiora

which palette ranking first?Let's see the 3 best palettes !


Stila 4-pan Compact

Review by blueaygi: These are adorable! Made of cardboard so I don't carry them in my purse with me but the pictures on the front are cute and I love being able to change the shadows around. Shadows are held in place by magnets within the 4 pan.

Review by cgosyne: I have two of the plastic refillable 4-pan compacts and really like them. They're a nice size and easy to fill and switch pans in. If you're a Stila e/s owner, you need some of these to help protect your shadows.

Review by lbarnold: these are cute for starters, just to get you going. changing pics on front are cute too. i gave an extra to my best friend and she's starting to convert to stila :)

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Vincent Longo Lip Sheers Palette

Review by Leelee57: WOW! I am so happy I got this! The colours look a little scary mary - either really pale and frosted or dark and intense but these are honestly the most wearable lip colours I've got because they are sheer and they mix so well together.
If I mix the two darkest shade I get the juiciest berry 'my lips just look good' shade imaginable!
Cool Frost (the white) and Chica Mokita (the browny shade) make a fantastic MLBB colour...
There are so many combinations I haven't even tried them all and I've had this two weeks. All my other lippies have been abandoned because I am SO thrilled with this.
Love Love LURVE it!

Review by andij: very nice collection of shades that you can mix for new color combos and the great quality of VL lippies, i happen to really like the lipbrush as well.

Review by dxgirly: I really liked this palette. As my intro to lipstains, I now covet all of them in tubes as well! The palette consists of 5 lippies in Cool Frost (shimmery white), Sparkle Frost (shimmery light pink), Chica Mokita ( brown with reddish undertones), Cherry (pinkish red), and Belle Etoile (burgandy). At 35, the price is rather steep but the palette is top notch with a nice lip brush included. THe colors do not last as long as the lipstains in the tubes, however than do last longer than most palette lippies. The colors work well together allowing you to create alot of great looks. Overall, I am glad I got this!

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Stila Media Darling Palette - Press Shy

Review by sjcsmall: I think this is my favorite palette ever. I love all the eye shadow colors and the blush and lip colors aren't bad either. Everything looks really nice together. The eyeshadows are what I get the most use out of; they blend well and last most of the day on me.

Review by bklyncowgirl: another rave for this one-its got a great compilation of colors and its cool toned and im best in cool colors. the brushes are nice though i wish they would not have clear plastic handles. but thats a minor issue. i love the eyecolors.

Review by guitarzan: I love their eyeshadows! The blush is okay and I haven't touched the lip colors yet (not really my colors), but overall it's a great palette. The packaging is very sleek and cute. I love the white case (although it does get dirty). I would buy again.

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