which palette is the best?3 top palette

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By Fiora

which palette is the best?Let's see the 3 top palette !


Mary Kay Large Custom Compact

Review by Springncts: This is so convienent and easy to travel with. Plus the makeup is wonderful!!

Review by IiIy: I love my compact i holds so much I did use to be a consultat but I end up quieting because I no longer could use there skin care but I love this It holds everything. My only grip is like one of the coments before I dont were MK foundations I just dont like them so I do wish that comparment for them were optional. But I do like there bronzer so I gess I have one wasted space. I do like MK colors they work well with my skin tone and yeas I would buy agin Its woth it not have a darw full of stuff this give you a place to put it.

Review by cosmokid: I love this compact! It holds everything you needed all in one container. It is great for taking on trips, then you just have to take skin care in roll up bag which I also love. However, I saw in the newest MK catalog that MK is retiring alot of their eyeshadows/blushes so I think they are going to replace all of the packaging, then everyone will have to buy a new one for their new colors! That sucks after you have spent all of this money! So bottom line is, don't buy any new eyeshadows or blush until they announce what they are doing!

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Tarte treasure chest

Review by pretty_please: What a great deal! not only do you get 32 eye shadows but they are great quality. The pigmentation is amazing. The lip glosses are ok. not much color payoff but with a light base underneath gloss shades tend to look stronger. The blushes are beautiful and again highly pigmented. The Bronzer happens to be my new favorite contour powder and the highlight reminds me of the powder version on Benefits highbeam. I LOVE this palette. I would def buy again.

Review by aznbebebabe: I use at least one thing in this palette every day. The bronzer is absolutely my favorite. The eyeshadows go on very smooth and last all day With the darker shadows, a little goes a long way. The blushes are very pigmented so be careful! I ended up looking like a clown the first time I used them. My biggest complaint is the packaging is horrible. It's extremely hard to travel with this since the box just won't stay shut and all my trays slip out.

Review by cgosyne: This is an absolute STEAL. I couldn't believe it was just over 50! If you have a second house or you're at your boyfriends house often, it's a perfect little box to just leave there so you don't have to tote your makeup back and forth!

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Cargo The blu_ray Collection

Review by AokiJ: There is no denying I am a sucker for gimmicks, even when I know they ARE gimmicks! I am intrigued by "air brushed" and things like this High Def/ picture perfect concept. So, first I read the prior review. That review is so well written and so detailed, I could see this line wasn't going to work on my mature, VERY dry skin. However, still lured by more Sephora advertising, I HAD to see it for myself.....and, of course, the prior reviewer is 100% right...the set IS a good deal for 59, the packaging is nice, the colors are very pretty and it could be great on some skin types. So, although it's NOT FOR ME.... (I NEED MATTIFYING/OIL FREE LIKE I NEED MORE WRINKLES)....it might be well worth checking out for others while this introductory price lasts!

Review by lorrainer07: I'm a makeup artist and I purchased this product to use for talent on television. I happen to be in a "mood" when I was visiting Sephora, and I learned about this new product for HD. Since I'm working with lot's of TV stations, I thought this would be a good product to try. This was a great purchase!!!. Everytime I put this product on talent, and they appear on televison, they are happy with the results. No matter the skin color,( I have tried it on all races). You can use lightly and the results are a great "glowy" appearance. The powder,blush, primer are the stars!!! Will repurchase for my kit when I run out! I recommend this product for anyone appearing on HD Television.

Review by andij: I also got the set of the Blu_ray Collection but i'm only reviewing the make-up powder and blush on 'coz i have yet to use the 3 other products.
Make-up powder - I'm MAC C3/NC30 and thankfully the shade of this powder is a perfect match for me. My skin looks real nice and other people have complimented me for that, : )!
blush on- It looks super light on the pan. It's peachy-rosey pink but more on the rosey-pink side. Surprisingly, it's a different matter on the cheeks 'coz it gives a real wallop of color and it's not light-colored on the cheeks. It's a nice peachy rosey-pink and i'm now using a light hand on applying 'coz it's super pigmented. Staying power is also long.
I will definitely buy again.

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