which palette is the best?3 recommended palette

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By Sara

which palette is the best?Let's see the 3 recommended palette !


Prestige Beauty Bar Eyeshadow Palette - Earthling

Review by moth: I got this item as a birthday present, so I don't really know how much it costs! I'm assuming it's fairly cheap though, as Prestige products normally are. I love this palette! The colors are great (some are shimmery, some are matte) and look nice on my brown eyes. I also like using the three lighter colors as face highlighters! Works just like a Shimmerbrick.

Review by srobinb: I cannot rave about this Beauty Bar enough. The combination of champange and brown colors makes my blue eyes pop. Because I'm fair the colors show up rather heavily on me, so I limit use of this palette to the evening/night.
The colors blend beautifully, and the powder itself is finely milled. It's keeper, and I cannot think of anyone it would not flatter. It's a keeper. :)

Review by bossanovaville: prestige wins me over again. i use these exclusively now. the color combos are just right, every shade is a knockout and i like these better than my mac shadows, i'm swapping away all my mac shadows because prestige has it for me. love it!! love this quad too, couldn't be more happy.

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mark Flip For It MILAN Spring Color Kit

Review by blyss: I like the flip for it concept but I hate the colors in MILAN. The quality of the products is fine, the gloss dosn't stay on for very long but I always like mark eyeshadows they stick around for a while. It's just the colors I don't like, everything is too purpley or something. I think I'm going to try the new york flip for it next time, maybe I'll enjoy that one more.

Review by cyndiinphilly: I love my Milan FFI!!! I ALWAYS get compliments when wearing it. The blush gives my face this NATURAL pretty glow to it. In foundation I wear Mocha Skin for the mark powder buff, and NC55 in mac studio fix. But I think this would look good on ANYBODY!!

Review by sleepyone: At first, I thought the colors were going to look terrible on me. I am extremely fair, blue eyes, with dark blond hair with a hint of red. The blush is nearly brown, but somehow it looked so natural when I put it on, although it IS very pigmented and I have to blend with some loose powder after putting it on. The eyeshadows are pretty too. I love the shimmery white paired with the dark olive green. Makes a nice smokey eye without looking too dark or heavy. Usually in palettes, I only like one or 2 glosses. With this palette I like 3 of the 4. The purple-ish color doesn't look so great on me, but I love that you get a ton of each color. Got so many random compliments the first day I wore this. I swear. Would probably buy again. I'd like to try the other colors too.

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Too Faced Candy Box - Caramel Truffles

Review by Loriwong: eyeshadow:
These super shimmery colours came out really muddy on me. They have a strange oily texture and very prone to disintegrating right in the pan.
Meh. The shadow got all over mine, so I can't tell you what colours they are meant to be. Standard, no-last Too Faced glosses.
The box is break-your-nail difficult to open. The brushes need to be banged out in order to use them (watch out - this action is likely to smash the shadow). The plastic hinge on the lip gloss pan broke immediately.
This was a total waste of money. I should be glad that I didn't pay full price for it, but I'm not. I'm still really, really angry.

Review by AutumnBliss: S'Wonderful. S'Marvelous. A cute palette with one level of 9 coffee scented lip glosses, ranging from reddish brown to bronze sparkle to peach colored. Flip that over and you get a block of 4 different eyeshadow shades. And a cute mirror. The eyeshadows are warmtoned- a light shimmery gold, my fave-a silvery brown, a bronzy brown with a hint of red, and a light peachy brown. I love this palette for its cute styling and pretty colours. Some of the e/s are too warm for me, but beended together its all good. The lip gloss in the left-center square is my holy grail lipcolor.

Review by CherryBlossom03: Very cute idea, except the hinge broke on the lipgloss section and instead of opening like a book, it just comes off completely. The shadows inside are very nice! I swirled them together lightly and used them on my eyes then I got the idea to swirl a powder brush over them and found they make a very pretty soft gold bronzer! The glosses are very nice also. I wish the package was sturdier and more compact.

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