which palette is good?3 popular palettes

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By Vicky

which palette is good?Let's see the 3 popular palettes !


Lauren Hutton Good Stuff Face Disc

Review by drusilladru: I am new to makeup and have to say that this palette just brings out such natural beauty to my face. It's perfect for work, and for that pretty not-overdone look.
Truly invisible makeup that is invisibly gorgeous. Will definitely re-purchase. :)

Review by blacklittlepig: I bought a Face Disc and have been really happy with the results. I found the palette very easy and quick to use, and was surprised that the pink shade suited my very pale skin so well. I note the comments from some previous reviewers about skin problems with using the Face Disc, but although my skin has a tendency to breakout I haven't had a problem with this product. The result looks very natural, but is a considerable improvement on nature! I had people asking if I was pregnant (!!) because I looked so well. The packaging is very nice, slimline and sleek. I am not a make-up junkie at all. I prefer fewer products and don't like paying the earth for cosmetics. This is my HG.

Review by redheadjane: I have mixed feelings about this product. I LOVE the nose contour and the shading color for under the chin and the cheeckbones. The blush color is really lovely too. BUT, the concealers and the lip balm contain lanolin to which I am highly allergic. And, lanolin causes me to break out as well. Needless to say I can't use abuot 1/2 the palette. Before I discovered the lanolin...I did use the concealers, brightener and lip balm. The balm was great (until I reacted) but the concealing products were only so so. I didn't feel the covered very well. But, I have melasma and perhaps someone with lesser imperfections would find them suitable. I also thought the undereye concealer was too light, and didn't blend well into my skin. But, I have repurchased the two contouring items and a few of the brushes. The fine eye lining brush is AWESOME!

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Sally Hansen Daily Lip Treats

Review by psychoexgirlfriend: Unlike a lot of palettes I've come across, all the shades are wearable, practical, and PERFECT. The reds are actually red, the pinks are sophisticated, the browns have depth. There's nothing too far out and all the glosses are easy to layer. I love it, it's one of my favorite products ever.
I wish I would have bought two of these when I saw them, because I can't seem to find them anywhere anymore.

Review by jenss79: I recently found this...
has some pretty colors in it...honestly had forgotten i had it...
when i used it the colors were great..i think it's to old to use now...who knows...

Review by OutofControl: Well worth the price. I also picked up the lip treats palette at full price of 5 and it was a great deal then! Cute colors in a pocket size palette identical to Trish McEvoys! Except it is a little on the flimsy side and only one color choice in SH!

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Laura Mercier Eye and Cheek Silk Road

Review by kerroppifreak: I bought this during the national artist event. He used the products from the whole collection including the golden glaze lip plumper and rosy glaze on the lips. On my cheeks, the two blushes using the light pink colour as highlighter. And the four colours on my eyes and the Special Brown liner.
I must admit, he did a really great job of it. I got looks walking down the street and my dear husband was stunned when he saw me.
It is a great palette indeed, very wearable colours, even the regal violet eyeshadow!
I took one lippie off because i am not a fan of noticable glitter.
Laura Mercier needs to fix it somehow, as the glittery blushes remind me a little of her (very problematic) sequin eye shadows.

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