which palette is good?3 easy to use palettes

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By Fiora

which palette is good?Let's see the 3 easy to use palettes !


Urban Decay Book of Shadows Vol. IV

Review by rebec75: I like this palette very much, i'm glad they added some neutrals to this one. The macara is really nice too. Gives you a chance to try a new product :) ... Something about the way the liner dries bothers me.. it looks too shiny and plastic like.. I have a regular full sz Perversion L/L and it doesn't dry that way :-I
the speak is cute but i don't really care for it. I rather another product instead :)
It's a expensive but i'm a makeup junkie so i bit the bullet and purchased this palette :)

Review by Vaniessa: I love all of the new colors in this palette and the eye liner, mascara and primer that's included. There are a few dupes, but I expect that with Urban Decay. If they want to put Baked and Sin into everything, so be it. The colors themselves are not adventurous, but they all work well together.
What I do not like is the fact that you are paying an extra 20-30 dollars for the added tech stuff that's "so innovative and amazing" and useless. I do not need a speaker for my phone or QR codes that awkwardly directed me to short, unimpressive video.
I am not experiencing buyers remorse and I would buy these colors again, but not for 64. Leave the tech stuff out

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mark The Story Book- Glamforce

Review by glossgal_01: i love this palette! the colors are not too flashy and not boring. the shadows don't have alot of glitter in them so i don't have to worry about "glitter cheeks". i was surprised that the lipcolors taste like mint but did not mind it. i also LOVE the packaging as i am a big fan of 40's style. it looks cute on my bathroom counter. i was surprised by how small the book was! the size is good for travel though. the price for all of it at 20 bucks was perfect! especially since i don't have the guts to dish out 30+ for a stila book. i would definately buy this again.

Review by pink_cosmos: Great colors on my darker skin! A light shimmery gold, great for everyday and a highlighter, a shimmery black, for smokey eyes and lining, a nice dark blush that actually showed up on my skin, a dark berry red, and a clear gloss. Great for only 20!

Review by joheinous: I like this a lot. The packaging is to die for.Palm sized, beautiful and durable. The eyeshadows are my favorite, golden shimmer and black with silver sparkles. Great for smokey eyes! The blush is matte with great pigment. Two lip glosses, one is clear, the other appears to be a beautiful red but goes on a berry pink, it's a little disappointing. Overall great product I will purchase it in other colors when the new one comes out, it's a great value!

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Cover Girl Refillable Custom Compact

Review by peachy905: I paid 2.96 for these at Walmart and what a steal! I depotted 4 of my MAC e/s and they fit perfectly in this CG palette. I plan to buy some Milani e/s and more MAC, so I'll be stocking up on these babies for depotting. I don't wear CG e/s, but these palettes are perfect for MAC and Milani. Too bad Prestige doesn't fit into these!

Review by lorraine07: This is Cover Girl's foray into the world of custom makeup. I believe that this may be the only d/s custom compact of its kind. (Remember the Max Factor compact of the early 90's?) This compact is the same size as a MAC 4 pan, which will have people raving. The clasp mechanism is identical to MAC. The pan itself is CG blue, and the lid is clear and says Cover Girl in silver letters. Overall, it is a good buy. 2.96 at WalMart. The holes for the pans are a smidge too big for the refill pans, but it is barely noticable. The lid seems to scratch easier than MAC. However, for this price and quality, I would buy again.

Review by labelslut: I picked this up today at Target for 3.49 (same price for the refills too) and really like it. It's a perfect size (about 3 in by 3 in) and fits nicely in my purse. I may even buy a second one for more "exotic" colors that I don't wear every day.

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