which nail treatment is good?3 best nail treatment

By Fiora

which nail treatment is good?Let's see the 3 best nail treatment !


Sally Hansen Vitamin E Moisturizing Nail & Cuticle Oil

Review by LuiLui: Great product!! I've been using it for years in a ombo with SH's Hard as nails. Less than 10 spent on both products and I have strong, decent nails. HG!

Review by hersheyb: So far, I like this. I've been using it for almost a week now and I see some changes for the better, but I guess it would work even faster if I didn't pick on my poor cuticles all the time :)
Some mind the packaging, I think it's just fine (although I can totally see myself dropping it somehow, I do that with nail polishes all the time :/ ) The little brush nicely glides over my cuticles and I like how shiny it makes them look, although I try to put the oil when I'm watching a movie so that it doesn't rub off... (I did pick up a few oil spots on my clothes, but it luckily washes out) I'm giving it a few more days to see if maybe I add that last lippie...

Review by aznbebebabe: I have using acrylic nails for a while, but suddenly I got sick of spending money on fake nails so I decided to take care of my natural nails but after removing my fake nails my natural nails were soooooooooooooooo dry ! so I did my research and found out that this oil could help and it does ! after 1 week of using this oil I have no weak and dry nails anymore ! this is amazing ! and a big plus is that my nails are growing like woooooooooooo hoooooo ! I had to use fake nails because my nails were so weak and break easily at work but now they are strong and healthy ! I can't believe this are my natural nails !

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Unlisted Brand California Mango- Mango Mend Skin, Cuticle & Nail Balm

Review by kerroppifreak: This product is a godsend! I absolutely love it. The formula is jelly-like with a strong fruity scent. The smell might bother some users, but it doesn't bother me.
The consistency starts out jelly like as I previously mentioned, but it turns into an oily consistency as it is rubbed in. It is wonderfully moisturizing on dry cuticles. I have also used this on my heels at night, covered with socks, and it did wonders for the dryness!
The packaging is a perfect 5 for me because I love anything in a jar! You get the most use out of your product this way.
Overall, I would absolutely buy this product again. Another plus, it takes a long time to use it up because of the large jar (if you use it on small areas, like your cuticles). I found mine at Sallys.

Review by Olive143: I bought this on an impulse at Sally Beauty Supply because I used to buy this cuticle balm at the Body Shop, but they no longer carry it. I have really dry hands and my cuticles get very raggedy and dry as well. This stuff works very well and you literally only need a pea size amount for both hands. I paid about 3.00 for a small travel size tube (.5 fl oz) and I initially thought that was a little expensive, but now I see that it will last me a while since you don't need very much. The smell is supposed to be mango, but I actually find it reminds me of the taste and smell of the numbing agent they use when you go to the dentist! It's not too bad, but it definitely reminds me of that rather than mango :)

Review by betsyab: I love this stuff. My nails and cuticles have been horribly neglected and abused for many years and I have recently started taking care of them, and my cuticles love this stuff. This stuff plus Blue Cross Cuticle Remover and a little pushback and your nails will look amazing in less than five minutes. Holy grail.

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Mavala Nail Hardener

Review by zhenya: I was so excited to get this after all of the wonderful reviews, but alas, it was not to be. I gave it a fair shot by using it for at least a month and also following the directions carefully. My nails became drier and more brittle than before. My nails went back to their original weak and fragile state as soon as I stopped using it. Will not buy again, did not work for me :(

Review by Angeline: Hard to find Swiss made Mavala Nail Hardener is one of my all time favorite products for nails. It really saved my weak, brittle nailsafter removing dreadful acrylics over a year ago. Use it alone or under a regualr base coat or nail polish. Fabulous!

Review by IiIy: I really liked this at first, I noticed my nails were growing longer and weren't splitting as they always do when they get to a certain length. But they aren't really much harder and there is still some splitting.
I'm using it according to the instructions so it's definitely not overuse. I'm pleased there have been some results but I think I'll try another product. I will repurchase if I don't find anything better.

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