which nail polish ranking first?3 good nail polish reviews

By Vicky

which nail polish ranking first?Let's see the 3 good nail polish reviews!


OPI Niagara Falls for OPI

Review by moth: this is sort of a rosey brown with shimmer. It is more brown but it is certainly warm with the hint of rosey or mauvey tones.
a nice fall color.

Review by bekkbekk1985: Niagara Falls for OPI is a medium-to-dark mocha shade with a frost finish. It has the very slightest hint of rose to it. Lately I haven't had much luck with brown shades of nail polish. I came to the conclusion that browns just might not be my thing, but this is on its way to changing my mind. The perfect shade to wear during the fall.

Review by mulhollanddrive: This is my least favorite in the Mini Mountie Canadian Collection. It is a just blah brown color that does nothing for me. I have N4 skin. Like all OPI polishes though it hasn't chipped and was easy to apply.

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Essie Sophisticated Lady

Review by bebejacket: Ok, I really like this one. I'm surprised it's not a huge hit already. Sophisticated Lady is a glowy sheer slightly iridescent white. The iridescence is a very subtle, but it's just enough to give it a little kick. It gives the sheer white a slight blue cast, which sounds kind of weird but it works nicely. Essie describes it as a "sheer, opalescent ivory." My nails are not in great shape right now but this color really makes them look nice. Sophisticated Lady is from Essie's 2005 winter collection.

Review by bunnyrabbit: Meh.
What can I say? This is ok. A sheer(ish) slightly irridescent, milky (yet sheer??), beigey-pinky-white. It's OK on my PPP tootsies but no HG. This falls Essie collection was pretty lame IMHO. This was the one shade of the six that caught my eye IN THE BOTTLE. Looks so bland and boring on my toes. Clean - and polished - a bit nicer that OPI Bubble bath, not as nice as OPI Sweetheart or Passion or Heartthrob or Rosy Future. Just BLAH.

Review by DawnD: I really like this polish - definitely the best of the Essie Winter 2005 sheer shades. This is what I wanted Flower Girl to be. It is a sheer pink with no noticible shimmer, but with lovely blue and lavender iridescence. While the polish is sheer, it definately imparts a slight pinkness to my nails, it by no means looks clear.

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New York Color Molten Metal

Review by liselise1: This is a metallic taupe loaded with silver shimmer. It's neutral yet glitzy. I love it, and anybody could wear it. I finally found it at Rite Aid for 2.99. There were only 2 bottles on the display. Yeah, I bought both of them. The one thing I don't get about these Glossies are the caps. What's with the 2 caps? Isn't that wasteful? Another thing I don't get is the price. All the other Glossies are 1.99. This one is 2.99. I guess they knew it was going to be a Must-Have.

Review by Cristy1970: Molten Metal is absolutely GORGEOUS- a beautiful silvery metallic color with a little bit of bronzey-taupeish tone to it. It goes on pretty sheer for the first coat, but after another layer it looks fine. My only complaint is that it chipped after 2 days of wear, but since I change my nail polish frequently it doesnt really matter :)

Review by bekkbekk1985: So I jumped on the bandwagon and I went in search of Molten Metal at my local Rite Aid and I was very pleased to find it there. It's a very pretty and unusual color (I would also call it metallic silver-taupe). It's also dirt cheap at 2.99. I never thought I would love a drugstore nail polish this much!
I chip super easily, so any polish that doesn't chip the first day (like this one) is gold in my book. I have some similar polishes from the Hard Candy Delinquent nail polishes that chip within the first 12 hours, so this is way better than those more expensive nail polishes. I agree that the double cap is silly and useless.

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