which nail polish ranking first?3 easy to use nail polishs

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which nail polish ranking first?Let's see the 3 easy to use nail polishs !


Chanel Perle Rosee

Review by SisleyAus: this gives my nails a nice, neutral and classic look. it's my polish version for MLBB haha! for reference, my skin color fits NC25, Cle de Peau Ivory.
it IS expensive for polish, but given the quality -- it doesn't dry up in the bottle, nor separate, it dries up in my nails quick, it rarely streaks (but i think that has to do with application) -- it's worth it!

Review by jules2064: I love this colour, like the other reviewers said it looks so elegant. Lovely application as always and for a polish thats quite metallic I had no problem with brushstrokes. If you're thinking about this colour and have seen pics ( I searched before i bought) I would say the pictures don't do it justice, take note of these great reviews below instead.

Review by sleepyone: Beautiful, subtle colour which you can wear every day or to somewhere fancy. It looks very elegant, and if you've used Chanel nail polish before, you know how great it is. It rarely needs more than one coating, and it stays on forever. I love this nail polish.

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Orly Blue Collar

Review by island_honey: I totally *love* this color! It's just about my favorite shade of blue nail polish. I'd say it was kind of close to Opi's "Just Groovy", only a little lighter and brighter. It's a perfect creme. I think you get could get good coverage in one coat but I used two anyway. I really love the quality of Orly's polishes. I've used other brands and I think Orly has the best quality. Their polishes paint on smoothly and dry fast and I love the rubberized handle on the bottles. The brush it just the right size also, not too thin or too wide.
You can see a photo of this awesome color on my notepad :)

Review by Jessimau: It took me a couple of months to find it, but it was worth the effort. This is a happy medium sky blue cream, and it took only one coat. I really hope they do not discontinue this. Orly has the best bottles IMO; I just love the easy-to-open grippy top. I got this online for 3.50.

Review by angelchan: Beautiful! I'm in love! The other reviews here explain very well how awesome this color is so I'll leave it at that!!

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NARS Purple Rain

Review by kitkat85: I am a HUGE purple fan and this is one of the best purple polishes that I have tried! It is a duo chrome polish with a deep blueish purple base and a reddish purple shimmer. One coat practically gives full coverage and it's not sticky. I thought the price was a little steep, but the texture and colour of this polish is amazing!

Review by franjipany: This is hands-down the best purple nail polish I've ever used. It looks absolutely beautiful with my fair skin. It is the one purple that I've found to be a true deep purple (I've tried OPI and drugstore brands, and all of them have been either too blue or too pink). The subtle hint of shimmer makes it eye-catching, but not so much so that it makes my nails look cartoonish. I never thought I would find a purple that looked so sophisticated.

Review by beckibabe: Finally, my search for a rich, deep purple that doesn't look black on my very fair NW15 skin is over. I've lost count of how many dark purples I've returned, exchanged, or tossed. Nars' Purple Rain is a gorgeous deep, rich royal purple and always looks purple in all sources of light. It will never be mistaken for black, even in dim lighting. I put it on both my fingernails and toenails one week ago. It wears like iron. No chipping or peeling at all. I love it on my toes and will contintue to wear it on my toes even in business settings when I'm wearing peep-toe pumps. But on my hands, um, no, not again. Not in a business setting, not in everyday life. I'm a young 50 and try to stay hip, urban, and modern, yet age appropriate. But I, personally, do not feel age appropriate rocking Purple Rain on my fingers (why I gave it four lippies instead of five). But on my toes, absolutely.

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