which nail polish ranking first?3 easy to use nail polish compare

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which nail polish ranking first?Let's see the 3 easy to use nail polish compare!


OPI You're Such a Kabuki Queen

Review by cosmokid: This color is perfect for summer manicures! It's a glossy medium hot pink, but not neon or with too many blue tones. I will definitely be wearing this a lot come flip flip season and I'm sure it'll look great against tanned skin. Love it!

Review by Farra: I found this polish in the clearance bin, at my local BS.

I typically don't gravitate towards very bright colors - especially pinks, since I have a golden olive complexion and am a touch over "fooooooorty" such colors are just a bit too much for my taste.... but, since it was on clearance for 2, I thought " what the heck." I'm glad to did, since - to my surprise - it turned out to be a fun color.

On me, this is a nice bright medium pinkish red. I kept thinking of watermelon or not yet fully ripened strawberries. While I'm still not brave enough to wear this on my tips, I think I'll be wearing this on my toes, come sandal season.

Review by dlbd2k06: I love this color! I am such a boring nailpolish person, I own like 6 colors only. I like champagnes on my fingers and reds or pinks on my toes. One of my girlfriends took me for a pedicure last week and I picked out this color. I ended up loving it so much that I bought it a few days later and am wearing it on my fingernails too. It is a perfect summer pink. It is somewhat similar to OPI Strawberry Margarita, which is my other bright pink, but I say this one is a little more sophisticated, while Strawberry Margarita is more of a barbie pink. It only takes one coat to cover evenly, and is a perfect matte creme medium pink. This will definitely be my go-to color this summer.

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Revlon Teak Rose

Review by nechama22: kinda purply pinky beige. nice neutral. nice and smooth

Review by mriaow: Love this polish! Its the perfect mauvy-pink color with a great sheen. I love this because it looks great on ANY skin tone, I've used it on my friends and my mom and it looks great on everyone. The thing I love about it is that it's a perfect color for any occasion: light enough for work but dark enough for a night out. Another great polish :)

Review by funkybabe: Revlon is an OK nail enamel. I've yet to find any brand that stays on longer than 4 days. This is a very nice dusky rose. Matte in color.

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OPI Time-Less is More

Review by edie4711: Like everyone has said, this a great soft white polish. It's not as in-your-face as Alpine Snow. It has sort of shimmer to it, but very faintly. I love it. It takes at least 3 coats to look like the bottle, and even then there may be a bit of VNL. But not too bad.

Review by AokiJ: It's hard to find a good white nail polish that isn't pure white, or beige. I find that as the polish color gets whiter, the polish gets goopy. This polish is great, it's a sheer white that build nicely on the nails. It's kind of like a white version of Bubble Bath. The formulation is great, although its a bit sheer (I find bubble bath sheer too).

Review by kimmie578: Lovely- as long as I can remember to do thin coats (two looks great), the results are lovely; applied too thickly and streaks can happen. As others have said, it is a sheer, clean looking white that looks great with my winter pallor or my summer color. *Note: Although discontinued, you can still purchase, until they run out, from vendors on Amazon.

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