which nail polish ranking first?3 best nail polish brand

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By Monica

which nail polish ranking first?Let's see the 3 best nail polish brand!


OPI Down to My Last Penny

Review by kitkat85: The color goes wonderfully with my red hair and pale skin. The consistency is wonderful and goes on smooth. However, just after a day (and often the same day) it starts peeling and chipping, which is really annoying.
The only thing I really like about this product is the shimmery color. I'll keep trying it, though, and hopefully I'll find a base/top coat to help keep it longer. :-)
***UPDATE*** I'm not so much an OPI virgin anymore, and have figured out what base and top coats work for me. I use Creative Nail Design's Sticky base coat which really holds the color to my nail for days.
The only reason I gave this color 4 lipsticks instead of 5 is that I found an even better color - Hungary For My Honey. It's not quite so dark and bold. The two colors actually look good together - last penny on the bottom and hungary honey on top.

Review by angelchan: Down To My Last Penny is a very bronzy, coppery color. I will put it in the red family but has very strong orange base. The metallic finish is stunning and I think it's too loud for the nails but it will be perfect for pedicure. The application is excellent and I only put 2 coats and I have a complete coverage. The finish is very smooth too.
The color compliments my skintone very well but I guess if my skin tone is darker, it will be even better. Although I give it a 4, I will not repurchase this color again as this color is somehow outdated.

Review by askewchick: I found Down to My Last Penny on clearance at Ulta for 99 cents. To my surprise, I really like it. It is a metallic reddish copper color with a definite orange tone. It sets off my milky pale skin nicely -- Down to My Last Penny is bright but not too bright. My husband told me that he thought the color was gorgeous which is good enough for me. Kind-of goes with my coppery reddish hair I suppose...

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Essie Aruba Blue

Review by AimeeO: Aruba Blue reminds me of the color a new car might be, a slightly metallic sapphire blue. This somehow glows as well. I tried it on one fingernail on each hand and liked it but I may like it more on my toes. I also don't like how they are putting stickers on the bottles because it does make it look cheap, but I peel off the stickers. I do like the name of the polish on top of the bottle though. I hope they don't discontinue the embossed glass bottles, I like how classy and simple they are.

Review by JettNY: Wow! I bought this a long time ago on a whim but never got around to using it.
I finally applied it for the first time just yesterday and I'm in LOVE! This is definitely my HG blue - it's not so dark that it falls into the goth trend, but it's still gorgeously deep. If you love blues, definitely buy this.

Review by aguskl: For some odd reason, I've always had a soft spot for blue nail polish. And I LOOOOOOVE this color! In the picture, it looks way lighter than it actually is. It's actually a beautiful deep sapphire blue that just looks stunning. It's like a nail polish version of the heart of the ocean from Titanic (best way I can put it lol). I actually catch myself staring at my nails after I've put it on...which is something I never really do! I don't really care for the brush though...I think it's a bit too small. But overall, I'll definitely purchase this color. It's too beautiful to pass up!!

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Lippmann Collection Dark Side of the Moon

Review by gogoamy: This wears as an even deeper Lincoln Park After Dark- a gorgeous shade the looks beautiful on short nails. Like all Lippmann polishes, the price is high but the formula is wonderful. Never drying and long-lasting, this lasts a solid week on nails.

Review by psychoexgirlfriend: Expensive, but worth it. Deep, glossy eggplant-black. Goes on smooth, can get away with one coat if need be. Love it because amazing application makes doing my nails so easy and quick and so it is well worth the money. As noted, very similar to Siberian Nights by OPI.

Review by lbarnold: Lippmann makes some of the best polishes out there. Goes on like "BUTTAH". One of the best of the inky-black colors around. You can't go wrong with any of the Lippmann polishes. Fabulous products.

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