which nail polish is the best?3 recommended nail polishs review

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By Vicky

which nail polish is the best?Let's see the 3 recommended nail polishs review!


Bourjois So Laque - Rose Lounge 28

Review by Jessimau: This is a very light neutral pink shade that works great for french manicure or even used alone.
I like to apply one coat of medium thickness. It looks very natural and elegant. If you apply two coats it'll have this plastic-finish, which I don't prefer.
I use a whitening nail polish remover to whiten my nail tips and apply Rose Lounge and it looks like I have my nails french manicured only a lot more natural and accurate :)
I'm on my second bottle...and am sure I'll be buying this again for as long as they sell it :)
The best nail polish ever. Forgot to mention that this is the only nail polish I tried that dries so fast no matter how many layers you got. More to the magic, it lasts until my nails start growing. Nothing left to wish with this one! Fantastic!

Review by cweiss: I love this polish, I have spent so much time trawling the internet and looking through every OPI pale pink polish out there, to find that they were either too pink or too opaque, then I bought this one day out of interest and really not expecting much, and now it is my all time fave!
Its like a really nice milky pink, I use 3 coats to get it perfect, with a base and top coat because my nails chip so quickly at work if I don't.
For me it's just the right amount of sheer, just enough so that you can see the natural whites of your nail, but not so much that it actually looks sheer either.
I am now on my 4th bottle and will keep buying for as long as they make it, which i soo hope they do because i'll be devastated if it gets discontinued!

Review by roxiblue: I was pleasantly surprised by this color. The formula for this is smooth, creamy, and the pink looks nicer than what I had hoped OPI's Bubble Bath to be. Very pretty shade for day.

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Chanel 481 Fantastic

Review by Capprii: This was love at first sight. This really is a lovely color for autumn. I am so happy I purchased it. I have applied it two times and both times it wore very well and stood up to lots of abuse. A full week on natural nails (with a few applications of Nailtiques on top every other day).

Review by mashafromrussia: Perfect plum, Chanel hits another home run.

Review by ciarar: This is a beautiful plum with the slightest hint of pearlescence. The shimmer is barely noticeable, but adds a uniquely opulent quality that adds some depth to the shade. It took me some time to really appreciate it, as I was expecting more of a purple shade but it?s really a rich maroon. At first, it reminded me of Essie?s Bahama Mama, which had the same effect on me when I tried it. In fact, if you?re looking for a less expensive version of Fantastic, I would recommend that shade! But if you do spring for this one, you?ll be getting a great formula that goes on well, lasts, and has a special personality that can only be delivered by Chanel.

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OPI Cloud 9

Review by Keva: This is from the new Bridal Bouquet collection and was part of the minis set I purchased. It's a nice sheer opalescent pink. I can even wear this color on my fingernails (which I usually don't wear colors on). A nice color for brides, former brides, future brides, and never want to be brides alike! :-)

Review by clnfox: I really like this product. It is a light cream that has flashes of pink on my nails. It is great for those days when you don't know what to do with your nails and just want something simple. As a bonus, it has lasted 4 days on my nails with just 2 coats of the polish!

Review by Newme: I believe this is also from the blond date 2 collection, but i am not sure on that. Nice and pure see through white. Cute for making a dark color a little lighter.

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