which nail polish is the best?3 effective nail polish compare

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which nail polish is the best?Let's see the 3 effective nail polish compare!


Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in Wet Cement

Review by oopsygirl: This is the best grey for my light NW20 skin tone. It has a little bit of blue/green to it versus mauve, which I really like. Love the wear on this too. I've had it on for four days with base and top coat. I'm still completely chip free! Also, these seem to go on sale more frequently than some of the other Sally Hansens.

Review by aml1: I love the Extreme Wear polishes. They last the longest out of all polishes I've tried, and I'm really hard on my nails (I live on a ranch). I usually go for saturated colors, because I though paler colours clashed with my skin. However, recently I was at Walgreens, and my hunny pointed out this color. On a whim, I bought it (for 2.99), and, it turns out I love it! It's somewhat neutral without being boring pink or beige, and it's light enough that if it chips, it's not very noticeable. I wish the stores in my area carried a wider selection of the Extreme Wear colors, but I will repurchase this if I can find it again.

Review by mz654: Love this color--!! For at least a year I've been scouring nail salons for the right gray polish but never found quite what I was looking for. Found this at CVS (on sale!), did my own fingernails, and they look amazing. I almost always do a clear/natural fingernail, with color just on my toes. This polish has changed my mind. Its neutral but at the same time is just a gorgeous, rich color that I love seeing on my hands. I'm also really impressed with how long-lasting this is--has lasted for several days on hands with just one touch up coat.

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China Glaze Bohemian Chic

Review by bunnyrabbit: I am SO not in love with the new fall polish collections and so was prompted to sort through my older polishes, looking for some autumn colors. Found this again and I just love it. Very pretty, not too dark but with enough oomph to register as a darker polish. Wearing it on tips and toes with SV topcoat and it's gorgeous. An oldie but a goodie and, from what I've seen, a much prettier (remember "pretty"?) color than any of the newer one.

Review by funkybabe: One of the most fabulous reds I've ever seen. It has the extra depth of a slightly garnet red, but not too much brown. Goes on beautifully, deep, rich, true color, sexy as heck without being loud. Gorgeousness. Still available on eBay and a few other places. Love it.

Review by wunverdoll: Absolutely gorgeous on my LLL Cool toned hands and/or feet! This has the same shimmer as OPI INRAW, Soho Nice To Meet You, Very Merry Cherry, etc. It's on the silver shimmer side versus the golden-which I love! Bohemian Chic is a deeper cranberry red shimmer, in the medium to dark range. It has excellent durability, applies with ease and makes me wonder if it's actually made by OPI as the quality is identical IMHO. This is my first China Glaze, definitely not my last.

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China Glaze Tinsel

Review by lizbert: Tinsel is great. I have Ruby Pumps and Emerald Sparkle and I love them both, and now I love this too. If you want it to be as intense as the other two colours than you might need an extra coat, but tinsel is pretty awesome. And also, this looks stunning on top of another dark shade, and even some lighter shades too.

Review by Angeline: I got this shade as part of the Sleigh Ride collection for the 2008 holiday season.

Tinsel is a fine silver glitter that provides adequate coverage in three coats. It would be a great shade to wear for New Year's Eve, due to the high sparkle. In other seasons, I'd use this as a topcoat, ideally over China Glaze Recycle.

There's nothing really special about Tinsel, but I wanted the set, so there I had it. I'm partial to iridescent and holographic glitters, but a standard silver isn't unwelcome to my collection.

Review by Bethany09: Lovely! "Tinsel" is like the beautiful Red Pumps but in Silver. The polish color itself is rather translucent but the silver glitter is gorgeous. I applied this with three coats to make the polish opaque and then applied a coat of top coat to bring out the shine (the polish tends to dry matte)
I really think this look is quite unique, and I've gotten lots of compliments on it.
I have a love/hate relationship with this though. It's so pretty to look at but such a pain to remove. I still think it's worth it though!

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