which nail polish is the best?3 easy to use nail polishs compare

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which nail polish is the best?Let's see the 3 easy to use nail polishs compare!


China Glaze Midnight Ride

Review by hersheyb: i agree with every single word the reviewer below me said. also i'd like to add, this is not a dupe, but a fair replacement for Chanel Vendetta. but dry with much less shimmer than in the bottle (in the case of MR, shimmer is invisible inside)

Review by Keva: I was so psyched up to get this color only for it to be a near black purple. It does appear to be a off black indoors, but looks better in sunlight where you can see it's purple. I do believe the name "Midnight" is appropriate for this color because it's literally dark as midnight. The more I've looked at this color at work this week, the more I think it's a shimmery-more-lustrous-with-a-touch-more-purple version of OPI Lincoln Park after Dark because it low light they would look exactly alike. I would recommend this color for someone who wants a next to black polish for an edgy look. The application was smooth, but the texture was a little thick only because it's highly pigmented. I got pretty good coverage in one coat, but did two anyway. Overall, a pretty color that has worn well and would compliment most skin tones but I wouldn't repurchase.

Review by blyss: Midnight Ride is an amazing deep vampy purple shade. In the bottle, this somewhat reminds me of OPI Who are you Wearing, but doesn't have the blue tones like OPI's does upon application. This remains a true deep purple falling just short of black after 2 coats. This is incredibly sexy and vampy, and rocks a winter pedicure and looks equally well on tips. I love China Glaze because the consistency is even application is spot on, and it never streaks or applies unevenly for me. Huge raves on this beauty!

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New York Color Chinatown - 210B

Review by bunnyrabbit: Wow, for nail polish that was 2 bucks, I was pretty impressed! The color is cool - sort of a shimmery blue-purple-gunmetal. Two coats did the trick. I can't speak for the longevity because I just did it last night, but even expensive polishes chip on me because I abuse my nails. But the color is so cool...many compliments on it already! The brush is nice - it's one of the flatter ones so it doesn't streak too bad. I can tell this is one of those formulas that's going to last a short while before it starts getting goopy in the bottle, but 2 bucks is 2 bucks!

Review by i_darling: Maybe I'm still on the "it-color" thing from fall 2009 where indigo was all the rage, but I am just in love with this color. I bought it about two weeks ago, and I have not used another color since I purchased. It is a gorgeous, dusty navy/indigo blue with a surprisingly deep silver shimmer. The color is even in two coats, and one coat of Out The Door speed dry makes it very shiny. Wear-wise, I can eke about four days of decent wear if I use Orly Bonder as a base, so that's good. I don't mind reapplying frequently as I can have the entire manicure dried and done in about fifteen minutes. The brush is great for keeping cuticles clean-- slightly rounded, just broad enough. Yeah, as said, the wear isn't the longest, but for a buck 72? I'm sold. I have not found as good a navy/indigo blue by any other brand. Oh, and it doesn't stain. Plus!

Review by CancerianPrincess: I had ordered OPI Lincoln Park After Dark online, and before it arrived happened to be in WalMart and saw NYC Chinatown...hmmmm I bought it and took it home and immediately realized I could have skipped the extra cost of the OPI and used this instead. It's great, exactly that dark dark dark but not black. It does start to fade at the tips after 2 days ~ if you expect better, buy the OPI and get that third day in.

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OPI Prince George's Passion

Review by franjipany: A medium-bright wine red cream. It looked nice enough on me, but was not particularly exciting. I'm not particularly fond of creams in general because many of them require such careful application to avoid streaking and gooping; this one was no exception.

Review by biomechmonster: This is a nice rich creamy cranberry colour. It looks good on my nails day and night and is very flattering against my blue-toned skin. I bought this together with International Date Line a while ago. I initally preferred IDL but this shade has grown on me so much that it's my favourite of the two as it's less obvious and more flattering.

Review by Leelee57: Prince George's Passion is from the Rockies Collection. Been long discontinued. This is a brown red wine color. I think it has a blue undertone. It's quite gorgeous or my warm fair skin.
However, I don't like the formula too much. It takes a long time to dry. I put two coats and it's still not even looking. I have to put three coats and it takes a lot longer for it to dry. Sad that I'm not very patient with nail polish and I can see flaws already. I like this color but don't think I'll buy this again at an expensive price.

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