which nail polish is the best?3 best nail polishs reviews

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By Sara

which nail polish is the best?Let's see the 3 best nail polishs reviews!


OPI puerto vallarta violeta

Review by Carrie: Perfect, non streaky two coat application? Check!
Lovely glossy OPI finish? Check!
Unfortunately this very cool lilac made my skin and nails look grey and dead. I'm a bit too pale for it.

Review by lbarnold: Such a great color for spring. I was looking for a pale violet color that wasn't too sheer or shimmery. I found one at the drugstore that was almost perfect, but had a little shimmer and chipped within one day. I took the bottle to my local beauty supply store and Puerto Vallarta Violeta was the closest match. This polish lasts at least a week or so without chipping! You really do get what you pay for. I keep coming back to this color because it's just so pretty.

Review by gogoamy: I absolutely adore this color! I just randomly decided to get it at my last manicure, and I'm getting so many compliments on how gorgeous it is.. additionally, while this is a lavendar-like color, it doesn't look tacky or anything it sort of has a blue-pink underone that makes it seem very normal and not outlandish at all. Gorgeous, one of my favorite summer colors, without a doubt!

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Essie Castaway

Review by quantumkitten: This color reminds me of bubblegum. Very pretty, very girly pink, but not too bright. It applies smoothly, no bubbles or streaks and it evens out perfectly. It's opaque in 2-3 coats and it's a great color for spring. The color appears the same on the nail as it does in the bottle. I have no complaints on this one. It's exactly what I expected upon purchasing it.

Review by cperry: I love this color on my toes. It's perfect for summer!!!! My boyfriend even noticed it and complimented me on it.

Review by joheinous: I used this color on my feet at my mani-pedi place and I fell in love with it. Its a cross between lavender and pink, more on the pink side. Very bubble-gum look. My feet looked slightly tanned as well with this color. Loved it! I ended up buying it and cannot wait to use it on my hands.

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Chanel 339 Wonderland

Review by Farra: A beautiful pale shimmery/sparkly pinky nude that is my AllStarFavorite toenail color. Looks smashing with tan feet! I sometimes apply a coat of Your Royal Shyness between 2 coats of Wonderland to give it more depth and luminescence. A quick touchup every 5 days with a topcoat and it lasts about 3 weeks on me.

Review by mworley00: This product deserves better than a 50% approval rating in my opinion. It is a frosty polish that is classy and that is a feat in itself in my opinion. I agree with another reviewer that it would be pretty year round, but is particularly nice for winter and spring. I like it as its so close to my pale skintone that it just sort of accentuates my hands without calling attention to just my nails. I've always been afraid of frosty white polishes, but the pink that's in this makes it more wearable. Lovely color. 18 at Nordstrom which is crazy, but I'm very pleased with this one.

Review by AimeeO: Chanel nailpolishes are naturally expensive so that isn't even an issue. I love Wonderland for its pretty and unique color but the only thing that is negative about this one is that it takes forever to dry. And this is in comparison to other Chanel nailpolishes which we all know take forever to dry! I think it has to do with the small sparkly specks in the polish. If you buy this one, I would recommend that you only use one coat (and apply more thickly) because two coats don't really make a difference in the color. Other than that, would recommend it!

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