which nail polish is the best?3 best nail polish reviews

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By Elena

which nail polish is the best?Let's see the 3 best nail polish reviews!


Color Club Ultra violet

Review by bunnyrabbit: Fab colour! Its like a toned down neon purple with blue shimmer, soo pretty! definitely as the name suggest ultra violet, needs about 3 coats for true bottle colour, 2 gives a pretty pinkier version.
Would def get another bottle if this wasnt the only one in the sale bin! Bargain at half price!

Review by Alexis: This is a fantastic polish! It's very unique. Purple neon (towards pink) with a clear blue flash in the sun. Application was great - no streaks. I usually do three thin coats. The brush is smaller than the OPI prowide. I have small nails and love the Color Club brush. It's a great value!

Review by pinktulip: A muted neon. Is that even possible? Purple/pink with blue shimmer. Great application. I've had it on my toes for over a week and no wear or chipping.

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Wet 'n' Wild Wild Shine - Bijou Blue 443D

Review by stephanie32082: Pretty color. Clumps to easy though.

Review by jenss79: I love this color, but quick sheer so you have to apply a few coats. It's very cheap, I just bought it for 89cents.

Review by laurilauri: It's an okay polish--teal with the same colour shimmer. It goes on a bit sheer and a bit streaky, so you'll need about three coats to get an even colour consistency. I'm not going to whine about the quality because it's a nice colour and it was only 1.97CAD. It definitely stands out (as a colour), has a nice finish, and dries very quickly, as I've found with WnW's Wild Shine polishes. Will repurchase because I refuse to pay big bucks for nail polish.

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Essie Lollipop

Review by Caligirl42990: There are no words to describe how much I love this polish. It's perfect for winter, perfect for summer- my two favorite seasons!
Every time I wear this, I get ten thousand compliments from anyone imaginable- They love it as much as I do! I'm so glad I got this before it was discontinued.

Review by glossgal_01: Lollipop is a very pretty high shine creamy retro red, not too blue, not too orange, and although I'm not sure I'm completely sold on it, I think I would prefer a hint more blue, more classic less retro, it is a lovely red none the less and a great red to start your collection with.

Review by blyss: Wow! Second Essie product and again I am blown away!!! Why am I still buying OPI?
I have six OPI reds, and this one tops them all! Somehow it's warm and cool, but looks amazing! I can't see how it wouldn't look great on everybody.

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