which nail polish is the best?3 best nail polish compare

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which nail polish is the best?Let's see the 3 best nail polish compare!


Sinful Gogo Girl

Review by London84: Best red for those glamour divas! formula is a bit watery so dry time is about 5 mins for one coat. I can look past this since it is such a gorgeous red. true to the color you see in the bottle.

Review by fitnessa: Beautiful shiny creamy true red.
It dried very quickly and was not streaky.

Review by lorraine07: Gorgeous bright red creme! I bought this on a whim for a possible holiday pedi color. Stunning on my toes and two coats are perfect. No streaking whatsoever. No noticeable shimmer. Very bold red color that leans toward warm however easy to pull off. This is actually my first Sinful nail polish purchase and I will be buying more of these. The wear, the application and the durability rivals higher-end. They also do have alot of colors you don't see in OPI's and Essie's lines....this line contains more dramatic colors I think. You can beat the price either - 1.99. Highly recommend!

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Essie Bold and Beautiful

Review by jules2064: Described as a rich ruby garnet. Again, the color is deeper and darker in the bottle than what it actually looks like on the nails after two coats. It's a darker shade of red, very glossy and shiny. Quite nice actually! It's my first day wearing the this color so it has not chipped yet - we'll see how long it lasts! I don't wear a lot of red nailpolish so I don't think I'll repurchase, but for anyone who likes red tones, this one is a keeper!

Review by nemomemo: Gorgeous ruby garnet color. A little dark for me.

Review by pinktulip: Beautiful color. Its a deep red but I wouldn't call it vampy. The finish is fantastic - so glossy. Its a jelly polish so it can look a bit uneven. I am personally satisfied with 2 coats but for close-up photos of nails one would probably require 3 coats. Overall I am blown away by how glossy and fresh it looks. One of the absolute best colors I own (out 110 bottles of polish) Would definitely buy again.

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OPI Opening Night Gold

Review by AokiJ: I love, love, love this! How silly of me to have owned this shade for two years and not really given it a chance (I bought it as a collector's item)...all those lost days of not wearing this gorgeous glimmery, shimmery sandy-nude with the most amazing holographic shimmer! I love how at a very quick glance this is just a neutral shade that blends really nicely with my naturally lightly tanned skin, but a closer inspection, you a see a rainbow of shimmer. Even at "hard to find" prices, I'll be picking up a back up bottle.

Review by pulidobl: This is ridiculously pretty! Opening Night Gold is a stunning sandy-gold-nude color with holographic shimmer that is gorgeous but not over the top. I've never seen anything like this, and I will definitely pick up a back up if I can track this down again. Unique addition to my collection, if you have the opportunity to get this (it's LE/discontinued), DO!

Review by belladoggie00: Opening Night Gold is a nude color with a bit of soft brown tone. It has lots of glitter on top when it's view indoor. Thus, it doesn't look very flattering.
But once outside under the sun, it's beautiful with rainbow holographic tone. Beautiful if view from outdoor.
Application is easy and it does dry very quickly. It does last quite a while and I love to put it on my fingers than toes. I will buy this one again if it's not too expensive.

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