which nail polish is good?3 top nail polishs review

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By Tifanny

which nail polish is good?Let's see the 3 top nail polishs review!


Chanel Image Rose 72

Review by Stampy_76: I got this polish as an extra in a swap from a lovely MUA-er. I had no idea it would become HG for me. In the past I did not enjoy Chanel polishes as they did not last on me, they chipped quite quickly. I saw this colour and I was in love. It is the perfect blue based red creme. A very classic colour imo. The application is great, two coats give me a perfect glossy manicure. I have not noticed a problem with wear, I just use my usual basecoat and topcoat routine. I will repurchase this one when I run out.

Review by abrilio: This color is the best...great red with cool undertones. I can't do reds w/orangey bases. This is awesome on a pedicure in any season. Expensive but worth it.

Review by bekkbekk1985: I hassled the SA at a department store saying that I needed a shade of red,with blue undertones that was very classic,'40s or '50s.She hands me bottles orange reds,deep reds,pink reds,everything but what I wanted.Finally,she pulled out this bottle as the last option.It was perfect.A gorgeous,vivid blue red cherry color.It's a cream polish with no shimmer and it's super-shiny.Just beautiful.Chanel's polishes are the KING of polishes.

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Chanel Le Vernis nail colour #159 Fire

Review by blueaygi: I'm a big fan of Chanel nailpolish and this is a gorgeous candy apple red. It shows up ever so slightly berry with one coat, and straight up red with two. I wouldn't call this a tomato red though, or a fire red, as there are no orange undertones in this so it's not an exotic red and i find it works better in winter. It's the perfect, perfect red.

Review by Dimitra: I just uploaded two pictures for Fire, my favourite red. I must say this nail polish begs for perfectly manicured cuticles and nails, no hangnails, no poorly finished filing, no smudges, no rugged cuticles - all has to be very precise and clean as the colour accentuates all that is poor in your manicure. Therefore I always apply Fire on a fresh manicure when my cuticles have been trimmed to an inch of their lives and nails filed square. This is the perfect classic red, how absolute red nail polish should be - bright pillar box / fire engine red without any orange or decidedly blue undertones. The creamy consistency is fantastic, giving a perfect coverage with two coats. Too many people asked me about it, saying this is the red they have been looking for.

Review by KateN: Wonderful red for pale and cool skintones. Great application and durability.
Would I buy this product again? Yes.

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Chanel Le Vernis Nail Colour in Vertigo

Review by Vaniessa: Love, love, love this shade! I hate the brushes that come with Chanel polishes, but I adore this color! Great for fall and winter. It is somewhat similar to OPI God Save the Queen's nails (which I also love), but Vertigo is a tad darker I think. This is a keeper.

Review by meeshmu: I love this. It was my nail color for Fall 2002. I hope it becomes part of the regular line, the MA told me it was only a trend color.

Review by ckgurl714: This is possibly my favorite shade to bring when I have a manicure! It's a classy berry with an ingenious gold/bronze sheen through it, just unique enough to be extraordinary. Always get a ton of compliments with this color...definite repurchase!

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