which nail polish is good?3 top nail polish reviews

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By Sara

which nail polish is good?Let's see the 3 top nail polish reviews!


OPI Miami Beet

Review by shopgirl087: Love this colour, the name describes it perfectly. It's one of those colours that just makes you feel feminine and sexy when you wear it. It applies opaque in one coat for me, though I do two to be sure. It's got the same fabulous formula as all OPI polishes, and lasts me a couple weeks on the toes without chipping or serious wear. If I ever finish it, I would definitely repurchase.

Review by cgosyne: Love love love this color! As with all OPI polishes, it is a great shade and goes on smoothly. And it helps that it has the "Miami" name in it :-)

Review by minnielouse: I really love this color, but it just does't last on my nails. Chips really easily, and it's not glossy enough for me. Since it isn't a unique shade (most other brands have similar colors) I guess when I finish my bottle, I will be purchasing this color again, but not from OPI.

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OPI Princesses Rule

Review by blacklittlepig: I am generally not into shimmer or sparkle nail polish, but I picked this up on a whim and do not regret it a bit. The pale pink color and tiny sparkles only show up if you layer several coats. I prefer to wear it with just one coat and a clear topcoat. It just makes my nails look super glossy and healthy because the microsparkles pick up the light easily. I don't have a problem getting the polish off, but again, I only use one coat.

Review by sjcsmall: Wow! Do I ever love this color. I've had it forever and worn it many times over, but I just did my nails now and am in love with it more. I love it on toes too!! Its a pretty light pink microglitter that does not feel gritty and you can't really tell when it chips. I am in love and this is my new sheer nail polish! I also think they made it permanent.

Review by catlover9_9: I wouldn't call this polish very unique, because I've had other D/S polishes before that were extremely similar. However, this is a very nice polish to have, especially if you're doing maitenance nails. After about three or four coats (I kid you not) you start to see the "pink" that you see in the bottle but before then it's just sort of a clear with microglitter. It's very shimmery and just gorgeous. It also dries very fast, unlike other OPI polishes I have. You won't go wrong if you purchase this, though you may not "love" it. A very nice "good to have".

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OPI Isn't That Precious?

Review by srobinb: Isn't That Precious is from OPI Pink Collection 2010. It is a bit darker, pinkier than It's A Girl. But this pink is nothing too gorgeous as OPI has made similar color like this one. The pink is a kind of soft pink with cremey finish. The formula is similar to the Hong Kong Collection which it does dry quickly.
However, may be I didn't get the application right. I put 2 coats and it's not even. Some part of my nails, the color is fuller whereas the others, you can see the color is not evenly distributed. Than, I put 3 coats and it's still not even. But the polish became too thick. I will not purchase this color again as this color is not that special and it doesn't give me a wow factor. But if you want a safe color to go to work and don't mind a bit of uneven on the nails, this is the color to go.

Review by betsyab: Really sheer and pretty color, it's very wearable and safe. The best part is, it goes with any outfit. At first I thought this color would be too light, but turns it after a few coats, it's amazing! (And to the person who said the color came out unevenly, that didn't happen to me.)
I like this color.

Review by kimmie578: I got this nail polish as a gift and although I love pinks, I didn't expect to like it this much. OPI's soft shades tend to be more safe and uninteresting so if you're not into sheer pinks, then don't buy this. However I do love it, in the bottle it looks darker than it comes out since it's so sheer. What I like most is the staying power: although OPI is generally great quality, some polishes tend to be more durable on the nails for some reason and this is one of them, it wears like iron on me. Overall, loving this polish!

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