which nail polish is good?3 recommended nail polish compare

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which nail polish is good?Let's see the 3 recommended nail polish compare!


OPI Shangri-La La Lilac

Review by AutumnBliss: I happened to find 2 bottles of Shangri-La La Lilac at a garage sale in a nearby city close to where I live. They were only a quarter each, but since the color was first made in Spring 2000, I figured they were old. However, when I applied this polish today, the polish was basically in almost new condition. It did streak a little on the first coat, but became even after the second coat was applied. This looks like a pinky-lilac on my fair skin, but I have a slight tan from swimming and being out in the sun. I would probably repurchase if this shade wasn't long discontinued by OPI.

Review by nishie: Yesterday a got a manicure at a weird little place.
I got a manicure with OPI Shangri-la-la Lilac.
Turns out this long d/c'ed shade was gloppy and half dried out.
It was so weird. All her polishes were SOOOOO old - and she had Wyatt Earple Purple and alot of other colors from "my past".
So anyhow, the manicure was fine but OPI Shangri-la-la Lilac is pretty ugly on. Opaque pale lilac. Too garish.
Oh well. It is flawlessly applied and appears to be lasting (took forever to dry as it was thickened). If it chips even a little - off it will come.
It was d/c'ed for a reason. Can streak alot - you need a pro to apply this well.

Review by bobsy: This is a creamy, light purple shade. But it isn't "loud" in the way some matte pastel colors can be-it has a subtleness to it.

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China Glaze Camisole

Review by Erin: Do you really want to contribute to the island on the Pacific made of waste? Thought not. Write to your favorite cosmetics company and tell them that you do not care to contribute to the toxic dump. This is pitiful.

Review by ZoSo: This is probably my favorite color for my toes. Just because for my hands i like something more fun. But this color is wonderful. It's light brownish, really pearly which gives a great shine. If you put in on your toes, and it's summer, it makes you look tan! well, your feet at least. It also looks nice on your fingers, for a neutral, mature, and really innocent color. I really love this! The consistency is great too! and sometimes only one coat will do!

Review by KateN: OVERVIEW: Neutral brown color with subtle shimmers. Perfect for year-round. Need two to three coats to achieve color in bottle. Takes about 1 week for me to first see chipping. Can be streaky or form bubbles depending on application (ie: applying polish with my shaky left land).

PACKAGING: It's your typical nail polish bottle. The handle and brush are the right size for my hands.

PRICE: 5.99 at my local Sally Beauty Supply store.

I would repurchase.

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Avon Nailwear Nail Enamel- Warm Black

Review by Leelee57: the other reviewers are absolutely correct! it's sooooo great. AND it is TRUE BLACK, not like a really dark brown or anything weird, the name is sorta misleading. 2 coats, BAM. chip-resistant, lasts several days with minimal chipping. shiny. dries pretty quickly. I ALMOST purchased the Chanel one. But, hey. I'd rather spend 4 than 20!
Black is the *New Red* in nailpolish. can be worn for clubbing or with a nice black suit or dress. so versatile.
I love the bottle and the brush bristles are great.
I will repurchase. i got 2/5 recently

Review by navarre: Surprisingly i really like Avon nailwear nail polishes, i have warm black a true black, better than Chanel's black satin, i have that too and Chanel chips like crazy, and doesnt last, Avons does, and doesnt chip for a few days where the Chanel polish chiped on me by the end of the day.
I also have Avon's in vintage vamp, identical to my 1990's fave Chanel vamp polish! And Avons midnight plum, a blackish plum color!
I bought them when Avon had them on sale for 2.00, i find these to be the best colors in the Avon brand, good lasting polish for a couple bucks cant go wrong!

Review by iberian: A must have nail polish color. It is a satiny warm black. I apply Revlon basecoat then a coat of this, then another coat of basecoat and 2nd coat of warm black and then topcoat. I do this and I have chip resistant long lasting color. Looks great on long or short nails. I am almost always wearing Avon warm black or Avon Midnight Plum when I give myself a manicure or pedicure.

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