which nail polish is good?3 easy to use nail polish compare

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By Helen

which nail polish is good?Let's see the 3 easy to use nail polish compare!


OPI Wild West, Wildberry

Review by aml1: This is a great pink/berry shade. I wear this year 'round on tips and toes - always looks fab! Its discontinued, but if you can get one, you won't be disappointed. Its a must for fans of pink!

Review by mielr: This is a beautiful cool toned pink berry shade with my favorite silver shimmer. To me the silver shimmers have a somewhat foil effect without being garish. I'd put this in the medium range, and I've yet to find a duplicate.

Review by DawnD: I have a hard time finding pinks that don't look terrible against my light skintone but this one is absolutely perfect. It's bright and cheerful and the silver shimmer is very subtle but makes the finish interesting.

Application was really easy (as it usually is with the older formula OPIs) and I only needed 2 coats for full coverage.

I received this as an RAOK from a fabulous NBer but I would definitely purchase a backup bottle if I came across it again.

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Essie Bungle Jungle

Review by srobinb: Bungle Jungle is a beautiful cool red polish. It is very shiny looks fabulous as a pedicure color. I dont buy nail polishes but this one I bought because most of the time I pick this color when I go get a pedicure so I wanted to have my own bottle.
Im very fair and this is definately a perfect shade of red for fair cool toned gals.

Review by lmharte: I love this shade! It's the perfect color for summer. It can look more red, orange, or pink depending on the lighting. A very pretty, flattering shade!

Review by SisleyAus: It's a cherry red and I love it. It is good for anyone. Old or young. lol n my eyes it's a must have.

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Pop Beauty Nail Glam

Review by OutofControl: The color I have is Sazzy Glimmer (seriously). In the bottle it's a fantastic shimmery fushia, but on my nail it seems sort of dull. I had to use three coats before the polish covered completely (normally I only do two coats). It has lasted nicely without chipping. It's not bad nailpolish by any means, I just prefer the vibrant colors of Urban Decay.

Review by IMAproductwhore: I purchased the Fossil color from Ulta last week on a whim. I saw the color and fell in love with it. This polish is very nice, almost nicer than OPI brand. It is pigmented and you only need like 2 coats of it to cover the nail completely. dries nicely and applies evenly. I really did not even notice the obnoxious odor most nail polishes give out. I applied an iridescent color that I already owned over it to give it a custom look. I don't want any of my coworkers copying off of me, LOL! I really did not mind spending the 10 on this polish because of the quality.

Review by bossanovaville: I have this product in Rose Tint, and am looking into buying Red Tint. I love these colors for everyday wear, they don't clash with anything because they barely show up, and that's a good thing. While a touch more color WOULD be nice, I'm not complaining. It dries nice and shiny. However, it PEELS. I find that I can peel it back off my nail within 12-15 hours of applying. I find that strange and very annoying. If it didn't peel, it'd be a 5.

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