which nail coat is good?3 best nail coat

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By Tifanny

which nail coat is good?Let's see the 3 best nail coat !


Creative Nail Design Super Shiney high gloss top coat

Review by oneofmylies99: This is a great top coat that I use when I have a bit more time for my nails to dry compared to ultra-fast drying Seche Vite. This top coat seems to even out any imperfections in my nail polish, is satiny smooth, shiny and dries quite quickly (I don't worry about marring it within ~30 min-1 hr). I will definitely repurchase.

Review by aml1: The best top coat I have ever tried. As the name says it is super shiney! And thats really important cause who wants a dull looking mani or pedi! Doesn't take too long to dry and helps keep polish looking fresh.

Review by KateN: Sadly, I can't vouch for whether this product is true to its name because every.single.time I've used it, I end up with a ruined manicure. No matter if I use OPI Drip Dry or walk around with 'jazz hands' for a few hours. I always end up with smudges or nicks. I eventually gave up and threw it away and went back to Seche.

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Mavala Ridge Filler

Review by roxiblue: Mavala Ridge Filler is opaque beige in the bottle and goes on the nail as matte translucent beige. It works well under polish to provide a smooth base and dries relatively quickly. I've used it together with Mavala ColorFix Top Coat and my manicure lasts at least a week.
However, after using it for a few weeks, my nails looked dry when I removed my polish, so I stopped using it.

Review by kimberpoo: Mavala's Ridge Filler is like make-up foundation for nails; it provides a nice smooth matte surface for the nail bed by evening out any ridges and other irregularities. I usually use only one coat but like to add another coat for my thumb nails, which tend to be more uneven. It makes coloured nail polish application easier, but also looks good alone, or with just a clear top coat. The bottle isn't very nice to look at (VERY plain and boring), but it's what inside that counts ;)

Review by Pinki: This is my new favourite base coat. It's a lot like China Glaze Ridge Filler in colour but it's much thicker. This doesn't mean it's more difficult to work with, it glides onto the nail really well and the brush is excellent to work with too. I usually apply one coat before polish but in some circumstances (really bad nails or awkward metallic polish) I apply 2 thin coats. 2 coats gives a very very smooth finish to the nail even if it looks a bit thick after your polish and top coat has been applied.
I don't mind the packaging, it's a little medicinal looking, not particularly stylish but what's inside is worth it!
I will definitely be buying this again!

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Nailtek Foundation II - Ridge-filling

Review by edie4711: This is the best basecoat I have ever used! Forget OPI Nail Envy! Nailtek II Foundation is a basecoat and a nail strengthener in one!
I won't repeat what everyone as said below. I am simply inlove with this product. My nails are so protected and they now grow very quickly because of the proteins in this basecoat. Another advantage is that is dries in seconds which cuts a manicure time by half.
I use this with every manicure and my nails have vastly improved! I have peeling nails, and this somehow seals them,, keeping the peels binded together.
I recommend Nailtek II Foundation to anyone who is looking for a multi-purpose product that will strengthen their nails as well as keep their polish intact.

Review by cloud0204: best base ever. :) i use this with the nailtek formula II and my manicures last at least a week. saves me 200 bucks every month and has turned salon manicures into a pampering treat, not a "nessecity" that i can't afford and shouldn't indulge in anyway. :) i love that this has nail strengtheners too...i don't even feel bad putting it directly on my nail plate.

Review by catlover9_9: I purchased this product as I had weak, thin and peeling nails that always seemed to tear just as they got long. This base coat has helped them to grow longer and stronger, without tearing so often.
It is a thin, semi-opaque product which dries matte in a very short time. It does a good job of ridge filling and preventing nail polish chipping, also. Will definitely buy again.

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