which men fragrance is the best?3 effective men fragrance

By Vicky

which men fragrance is the best?Let's see the 3 effective men fragrance !


Chanel Allure Homme Sport

Review by abrilio: I LOVE clean, fresh scents, so this was an obvious choice. And I always like to be unique so..! Sleek packaging aswell.

Review by KateN: One word: alluring! It really lives up to its name. Everytime my BF uses it, I can't help but lean on his shoulder to smell him. A very sensual scent, clean and fresh with just the right blend of citrusy, grassy and musky scent. Love it!

Review by Newme: UGH! My MIL bought this for my husband for Christmas, and it smells simply awful and it is way too strong. It literally makes me sick and want to die. He has worn Chanel Egoiste for as long as I've known him, and that smell is totally "him" and I love it. This smells like some sort of generic Axe body spray for men. I asked him this morning to promise me to never spray this horrible stuff again.

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Cacharel Cacharel for Men (fragrance)

Review by srobinb: This is a great classic masculine scent. Very well-blended, great combination of herbal, clean, musk, maybe some light woods. Very classic smelling but also subtly sexy.

Review by shimmering: A dainty floral is what Cacharel pour Homme is. It's pretty scary being able to describe a mens scent as a dainty floral but that is exactly what this is. I also detect some chocolatey notes, but i guess that is the nutmeg as there are no notes of chocolate in this fragrance. The floral note that stand out most prominently is lily of the valley. In fact, it's quite strong to me. This is not your typical men's fragrance so it is definitely something that most women would feel comfortable wearing.

Review by kerroppifreak: The first time I smelled this product I went weak in the knees. It smells SO GOOD I bought it to wear myself even though it was made for men. I have to say that it seemed to smell better on men..I guess it depends on how it mixes with your chemistry, but it is by far the best fragrance that Cacharel makes...and I think can be worn by either sex.

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Issey Miyake L'eau D'issey Pour Homme

Review by diachu21: Indescribable. Im a girl and I wear it, even though its for men. It doesnt smell like a woman, but it doesnt smell like a man, so i feel that it can be worn by anyone.

Review by mz654: Best kept secret for men's fragrance! HIGHLY RECOMMEND! i agree... it could instantly turn a dork into the hottest guy you've ever seen! It's a light fresh fragrance that is like no other! I won't let my boyfriend wear anything else :)

Review by clnfox: I wore the women's version of this until I mysteriously found the men's in my new (used) car. The unfortunate previous owner had missed it while he was cleaning out the car and I found it lodged underneath the seat. It was a gift from the heavens! Ever since I found it, I haven't used the women's version at all. This cologne smells fabulous and has a "je ne sais pas" element to it. Only one person has asked me if I was wearing cologne and it was only because her boyfriend and I both wore it. It smells soooo good; I'll wear this men's cologne forever!

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