which men fragrance is good?3 top men fragrance

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By Christina

which men fragrance is good?Let's see the 3 top men fragrance !


Lancome Hypnose Homme

Review by meeshmu: Yeowza! A pleasant surprise from the usual Lancome fragrances (they all smell like urine to me). This is really sexy and manly, and even reminds me of...a sexy man. When my bf wears this I have to resist jumping him. BTW they couldn't have chosen a better spokesperson: Clive Owen...*sizzle*

Review by ckgurl714: This is my current favorite scent. It's quite masculine and very sensual.
While the bottle is very attractive, it is rather large given that it doesn't hold all that much. Thus, it is a bit of a pain to pack when travelling.
Otherwise I love Hypnose Homme, am on my second bottle now and will definately be repurchasing.

Review by pinkiiish: Bought it for my bf, i love the smell and he doest too.. very unique.. and the bottle has a very nice design

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Bulgari BLV Blu for Men

Review by leeyao: This smells incredible! Very unique smelling and yummy... I wouldn't mind smelling this on my guy all the time. :)

Review by Bonnie2842: I just purchased this for my hubby and it is wonderful. It is a warm, masculine scent without any trace of sharpness. I love it.

Review by pink_cosmos: Spicy...enveloping...masculine...warm...sexy...especially BLV Notte, which turns it up a notch more. So, so yummy...This is the kind of men's fragrance that makes me weak at the knees!

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Joop! Joop! For Men

Review by Dimitra: This is one of my absolute favorite mens fragrances. Only a certain kind of man can pull the scent off. He is clean, well groomed and knows how to treat a lady. Joop is soft, with just a hint of spice/woods. Even a "manly man" can wear this scent, it isn't too feminine. It reminds me of warm cuddley sweaters in the winter with a big cuddley man undernieth.

Review by taskeeng: Smells mMmMm mMmmM good!

Review by AokiJ: I agree with the other ladies I think this is a sexy clogne for men. My boyfriend wears this sometimes and I am addicted to the scent. The funny thing is this is one of my grandpa's signature scents so it reminds me of him too....although in a COMPLETELY different way haha.

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