which men fragrance is good?3 effective men fragrance

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By Stella

which men fragrance is good?Let's see the 3 effective men fragrance !


Vera Wang Vera Wang for men

Review by omegakitty: Absolute HG. I?ve been wearing this almost everyday for about 3 months now, and I?m not even close to getting tired of it. It may be for men, but it certainly doesn?t smell ?cologne?-ish at all, and I?ve gotten a lot of ?You smell nice; What are you wearing?? comments about it, but more importantly, I feel really good when I have it on. It?s a very confident, mysterious, seductive and elegant scent, without being pretentious or difficult to wear, and it veers almost towards being spicy, yet very cool and smooth, almost like catching a hint of spice and ginger on someone walking past you on a winter day. This one?s really lovely, and I wear it regardless of season, and I think I?ve pretty much found my signature scent. Also, I personally find it more intriguing to wear men?s scents, since I?m rather tired of floral, fruity scents. Definite repurchase, always.

Review by AokiJ: Found this a few years ago and it has been my husbands HG ever since. It's a warm spicy woodys amber leather chair kind of scent. It's a hansome man smell!!
It makes me melt!!

Review by quantumkitten: Believe it or not, I wear this, and I'm not a man. I got a ton of samples of this EDT from Sephora but I still cannot get my husband to wear any sort of fragrance (he's the sort who only wants/needs Dial, any shampoo and a simple Gillette razor), so if I want to smell this I use it, AND I LOVE IT! I don't care if it's for men--it really is the best scent--WOW. I can't describe how wonderful it is, but it's hot!

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Giorgio Armani Armani Mania

Review by Keva: I adore this scent, it is perfect for fall and winter, and who knows I just might wear it in the summer b/c I love it soo much. It is very crisp, yet creamy with a hint of vanilla. It's not too sweet, but not too sophisticated. Just a perfect balance. By the way this is the female version of the scent.

Review by bastet: This cologne is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!! It is sexy, sophisticated, delicious, divine ... I could go on. The most wonderful men's scent I've come across yet. My fiance wears it, and I instantly want to jump him when I get a wiff of it! It's not too overpowering either. True class... A++++++++

Review by shopgirl087: Yeah, it is the best perfume for men. The first time I smell it in the department store, I felt in love with it and immediately bought it for my boyfriend. He also loves it. The most wonderful thing of Armani Mania is that everytime I smelt it on my boyfriend, I feel want to hug him, kiss him etc. definitely 5 lippies.

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Hugo Boss Hugo

Review by YolandaMC: Great scent. Crisp, and clean. Rather common though.

Review by isabellet: Smells NICE!!!! I forget what it smells like, but if you see it at the stores, check it out. The bottle is creative too.

Review by OutofControl: I LOVE this smell. Forget buying this for my fiance, I'm buying it for me!

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