which mascara is the best?3 popular mascara

By Monica

which mascara is the best?Let's see the 3 popular mascara !


ModelCo Fat Lash

Review by bekkbekk1985: I love mascaras. So whenever one crosses my path I'm usually on my way to the counter to pay for it. So when I saw this giant pink tube of mascara I knew I had to have it. Its one of the best mascaras I own. My lashes look fake from how thick they get. It really opens my eyes too. I feel so sexy after using this mascara. Fat Lash is definitely becoming a staple in my makeup routine.

Review by IiIy: I originally had a sample of this and was so impressed i bought the full sized product. I think it was round 34 AUD.
It comes in the characteristic bright pink model co packaging with quite a thick tube.
As the name suggests this product gives gorgeous fat lashes.
I love using it in combination with Maybelline full and soft.
The only negatives are that this is not waterproof so it does run when splashed, and the writing on the packaging wears off after a while.
I do love this though and will definitely repurchase!

Review by oneofmylies99: Great everyday mascara! gives you plenty of length and volume! No clumps! Simple and easy to use!

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Kiss Me Mascara in Blue

Review by blueaygi: Kiss Me mascara can't be beat. It stays on perfectly until you're good and ready to remove it, and then it comes off without a mess. No make-up remover needed here, just warm water and a gentle touch to slide off the "tubes" it forms around your lashes.
I was introduced to this product 5 years ago by a make-up artist friend, and to my surprise, she urged me to purchase the blue shade instead of basic black. She was on to something. The blue isn't too theatrical, and it makes my eyes look brighter and more awake. When dry, it has a nice glossy quality.
Don't get me wrong, the black version is fantastic, but there's something about the way the blue catches the light that is different and pretty.
Even if you don't go for the blue shade, you really must try Kiss Me mascara. It's brilliant.

Review by labelslut: The only mascara I have every been able to wear that does not flake into my contact lens and sensitive eyes. The blue is on the darker side so not too garish and very eye opening. Thank you Kiss me for making a mascara I can wear and believe me after years of not being able to wear mascara it is a miracle product. Have been using for two years Love it.

Review by dxgirly: By far the best mascara product I've tried. Loved how easy removal is since I still am unable to find a eye makeup removal product that suits me. Only negatives I've found are: 1) Price - higher than I'd like to spend on mascara; and 2) Function - wand came out of the cap as product dried around rim. Cons are definitely easy to overlook when it comes to this product. Love it.

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Kiss Me HEROINE MAKE volume and curl mascara (black)

Review by aznbebebabe: this mascara is the BEST. it holds a curl so damn well i'm shocked! its the first mascara that does this for me since i have stick straight lashes that takes me a few minutes to get a proper curl out of, every day! it volumizes a lot and makes me look like i have 3 times more lashes but the thing is it could clump a bit and sometimes give out a spidery look but then ive had mine for more than a few months so its dried out a bit already :P
the only thing though is, this thing is a pain in the as to remove! i used to scrub like mad everynight to get it off but i recently discovered that with their own mascara remover you only have to apply it to your lashes, wait 2 mins and then wipe and everythings gone :D

Review by francesca39: Initial review-
After trying and liking the Heroine long and curl mascara, I thought this product would be just like that but with volumising effects. However, to my disappointment, this mascara didnt volumise my lashes.
Its the same as the long and curl, in that it holds the curl well, is very black and intense, but cos its meant to the a volumising mascara, I had to give this product a 3.
Will update soon when I've used it more

Review by Farra: I really don't think it adds much volume to my lashes, but it does hold the curls very well. It is very very water and oil resistent, so make sure you use a good eye makeup-remover for it. Formula is very light weight and doesn't clump. As a drugstore mascara this is pretty cheap. I'll repurchase again.

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