which makeup tools is the best?3 best makeup tools

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which makeup tools is the best?Let's see the 3 best makeup tools !


Tweezerman Cuticle Nipper

Review by cgosyne: I feel ridiculous when I think of how much money Ive spent getting my nails done at the salon all these years before I discovered that I could indeed cut my own cuticles. I bought this nipper for 22 dollars for CVS. The price tag is a little steep but it practically pays for itself when you think of all the uses youll get out of it. Its super sharp, requires no skill whatsoever to use, and comes with free sharpening by tweezerman and a lifetime warranty which is pretty badass. I definitely love my tweezerman nipper.

Review by meeshmu: These are expensive but so worth it. You don't have to put or tug at your cuticles it just clips them so easily and its so precise. This tool is very easy to use and is not bulky or cumbersome like many other clippers making it hard to be precise. My cuticles always look so neat and clean. Other cuticle cutters don't even compare to these. A def must for the self manicurist.

Review by kjjamm808: I have bought this product again when I thought I lost it. When I found my old one I painted a heart on it and gave it to my husband as he was always using it and I prefer to have my own sterile items like this.
We have the one that looks like a tweezer and it is wonderful. 2 friends have purchased this after using mine. It clips the cutticles "like buttah" no pulling or tugging like other nippers.
A warning: the pushy end is pretty sharp and it can be easy to push back to far under the cuticle *ouchie* just don't go overboard. And don't dig out the corners at the base of your nail too much as you can easily end up with dips where the nail is starting to grow,

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Sephora Pop-up travel brush

Review by francesca39: I'm surprised no one's commented on this yet, considering this used to be a Sephora best seller. This little tool is fantastic - a two-in-one mirror and brush. Why carry both separately (w/ more bulk)? I take it everywhere with me (I love beauty-on-the-go products). A woman sitting next to me on a plane commented that it was one of the neatest things she's seen. And it is.

Review by GreeneyedGal: Rubberized plastic looks cheap up close, but having a mirror and brush in one portable compact is so convenient. I prefer the red version because it?s easier to spot when rummaging through my handbag. Every gal should own one.

Review by stephanie32082: After I straightened my hair with the japanese straightening method, I purchased this brush to keep in my purse. Although it looks cute (i got this in pink), it is actually not a good quality brush. It is not good for thick hair becuase the bristles are quite weak and break easily. it's not so easy to grip as the round shape does not comfortably fit into the hand. The only good thing about this brush was the mirror... i wouldn't purchase this again.

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Shu Uemura Eye Lash Glue

Review by Jessimau: This glue is fantastic.. I use it with the eyelashes from Sonia Kushik at Target, and the glue is the best for durability and ease of use. I just wanted to add my good review for this product as it is one I turn to again and again.
As others have said, the texture is remarkable.. tacky enough and not watery, dries perfectly clear and with this I can sleep with my lashes and even take a shower and they will stay on for days if I am careful to not rub them off with cleanser.

Review by wunverdoll: I love wearing false lashes and I've tried the Mod and Ardell glue. They are fine, but they smell really bad! I've had the same tube of Shu Uemura adhesive for 2 years and it still hasn't smelled or gone bad. (For the record, I wear falsies once a week). It is the best 8 I spent. The glue is strong and easy to apply.

Review by KateN: I must be really unlucky with eyelash adhesives. I forked out a lot of money for this adhesive due to the large number of recommendations. I was really expecting it to be THE ONE.

It was terrible. It barely holds up 20 minutes. I have somewhat watery eyes and this adhesive isn't waterproof at all. Not only does half the strip of my eyelashes come off when it comes into contact with the slightest bit of water, it also turns completely white. Yucks.

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