which makeup brushes ranking first?3 best-selling makeup brushes reviews

By Sara

which makeup brushes ranking first?Let's see the 3 best-selling makeup brushes reviews!


Bobbi Brown Eye Contour

Review by aguskl: The handle is way too long, nice brush though.

Review by misswillow: Found this beauty at my local CCO and was immediately intriguied by the shape and density of it. LOVE this brush! Deposits color evenly on the lid and is all over a pleasure to use! I especially like using this brush to apply shadows over paintpots. I must also mention that my brush doesn't have the "ridiculously long handle" that others have mentioned, nor is the brush head slanted. The brush *is* labled "eye contour".

Review by lipstickcrazy: Excellent brush for applying a wash of color on the lid. Because of the shape of the brush, almost like an angled hoof print shape, I'm able to apply color evenly and quickly. Excellent quality; I have the short handle version, and my only wish is that the handle were a *bit* longer -- it gets lost in my Stila paint can sometimes.

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NARS Small Dome Brush 12

Review by runtagua: I love this for applying e/s to the crease. It's small enough to just put the color right where you want it, but soft enough that it doesn't leave you with just a line of color. I've tried tons of brushes for this area (LM, MAC, Paula Dorf, Stila, etc) and this is definitely my favorite- I wish I had found this earlier! ETA: It must've been beginners luck with this brush-I'm not really liking it that much anymore and have gone back to my trusty LM crease brush!

Review by miss_mac: This is a very small and thin yet fluffy brush. Its great if you want a really defined crease. Or you can use it on your outer lid for precision and blend it in with another brush (or you can take excess powder off this brush and use that too).

Review by beckibabe: I love this brush for the outer corner of my eyes, highlighting right under my brow, and for a concentrated crease that's not too dark. So soft and perfect, I use it every day.

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Sonia Kashuk Large crease brush- white handle

Review by GreeneyedGal: I've passed by this brush sooo many times when I was at Target!! Although I've been wanted to try it out, the MAC snob in me just wouldn't. I really wanted to get the 224 but did not want to spend 28 on it. But after seeing and reading a couple of reviews about this brush, I decided to get it. It was only about 6 so what the hell. Well, I'm glad I decided to get it!! It's so soft and blends my eyeshadows to perfection!!! It hasn't shed or bled so I'm very happy with it so far. Eventually I'll get my 224 but for now I'm satisfied with this one. :)

Review by kat_25: I used to like this. I used to actually really like this. Looks lovely, cleans well, blends well (for the most part), and it's very affordable. But oh my god, it is scratchy like there is no tomorrow. I don't know if it's just mine. Actually, I don't think it was very scratchy before. It was soft, probably. But now it's just horrible and it's hurts to use it. But I don't have the extra cash for brushes at the moment, so I have to deal. Once I am able to get a different crease brush, this is going up for swap.

Review by kerroppifreak: Oh Target..Oh Sonia Kashuk..Why do you tease us Canadian gals??? I wish I bought more brushes from SK when I visited the US a while ago--but alas, I did manage to snatch this one up! I can't afford MAC, so this is my *go to* blending brush and I just LOVE it! It is a bit fluffy, so for smaller eyes this may be tricky. But i love using it to blend my crease colour out :) It's not the softest brush in the world, but...I love it nonetheless! PS. Target Gods...please bring Tarjay to Canada!

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